Thursday, July 24, 2014

weights, foundation, and food

Been eating carbs again and after a weekend celebrating with Roya, I am heavy, about 148.

Got a workout in at the Louisville Athletic Club, a great facility, also at MTSU and at home doing abs, arms, squats and plyos.

I returned to the track tonight at MTSU, warm and humid under a purple sky with lightning inthe distance.   Wow ... I am out of shape.

2 x 1 mile - 6:40, 6:20

It felt good and hard.  I did the first mile running the opposite way around.

I contacted MTSU about their lack of a glute hip machine.   They used to have one, but not anymore.

Ray Wiley of the Rec Center responded:
Thank you for your comments. We are always open to suggestions however, please understand that we have requested feedback from our recreation students and other fitness professionals prior to purchasing any new equipment.  I do not foresee us purchasing this machine at this time. Thanks again for your comments.
My response:
There are several benches, what maybe even ten? And with this redundancy, you can't get one machine that does something that no other machine does?  Even the University of the South has this machine.   Glad I have a house in Sewanee.
O well...       

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