Friday, July 11, 2014

more bike, resistance

Did Roarke's Cove road again on the bike.   I really think it's much tougher to bike it than run/jog it.   2.8 miles, about a thousand ft. climb.   I did it in about 26 min without putting a foot down.  Hard.

Did an ab routine, pushups, some machines and some single leg squats and hops.

Waiting til my padded gloves come to get to the bar.  I might start running the hill next week.

Have put on about 5 lbs of fat... eating pretty liberally.   Made a peach crisp today, sandwiches with bread and chips.   Holding about 147 - 148 lbs.  Wondering what too soon would be to start running again.   Maybe do one day a week next week, just long distance foundation / hill.


  1. Take some 'quality time' OFF!!!!!

  2. I did, 9 days off, still no running for over 2 weeks.