Monday, July 14, 2014


Was at the MTSU weightroom yesterday.  Did cleans, squats, and a new lift that I think is really good and explosive... the 'lumberjack squat into a press and calf raise.'   The cleans made my back a bit sore and I felt the squats in my butt.   So, I definitely got a decent workout.   Did some upper body too.

My weight continues to be good despite all the bread eating - 145 lbs.

Looks like they're going to stream the Masters Nationals on USATF TV.  Think this may be the right link:   Link here

The M50 400m looks crazy - 10 guys! have seeded under 55.50.   But, as James said, "when you see the results, you may have wished you came."

Next yr.

Also, I didn't know that US guys could race at the Canadian Nationals and set meet records.   I saw Alan Tissenbaum was there - a dominant M50 100/200 guy, ran an 11.64 / 24.27 at age 54, wow. Congrats to my friend Tony D who medaled in the 200m (25.95).

Maybe next yr.

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