Tuesday, July 29, 2014

foundation, weights, plyos

Unbelievable weather in Sewanee tonight for late July.   By the end of my workout, it was in the low 60ºs after sunset.  Since my last post, did a hard lower body resistance workout on Sat.   Glutes, hams, calves, and hip flexors, but also some upper body.  Resistance machines, squats, squat jumps, plyos, etc...  

Trying to see what a good off season schedule would be.   I think I need about 2 days rest after such a workout and I want to run one day a week.  I can do ab and core work almost every day, or every other day, and maybe a hill day on the bike.... so, I have the makings of an off season program.   I do think I am building strength.

Today I did foundation work on the track:
2 x 1 mile - 6:15, 6:45 
2 x 100m striders  ~ 14
The miles were a bitch as usual and I took the last one a bit easy, although it was still hard.   Maybe I should run slower and longer, maybe do 3 miles in 23 min or something?  The new Saucony Ride training shoes are much softer than the Virratas and I think they'll be my mainstay throughout the off season.

The 100m striders felt good tonight, didn't mean to run so fast,  but it really felt good, like I was running down hill.


  1. suggest not doing a hill day on the big but a long slow easy day on the bike, like 1.5 hours. suggest keeping the 2x1 mile + striders, as long as you have recovered and haven't any running aches and pains. suggest to simplify the weigh lifting and use leg press as your benchmark. lots of crazy innovative exercises suit some other purpose than getting ready for a track season..

  2. I like the long bike idea. Leg press seems to put more pressure on my knees than some stuff, like the glute machine.

  3. agree, need to minimize knee pressure. leg press should be controllable - do not go past ~ 100 degree's. However if it is causing knee issues obviously avoid. basically some compound pushing motion like like press or squats is best for overall strength leg press is more controllable and lower risk. progression can be in multiple waysy. For instance, once a challenging weight for ~ 15 reps is found, with a 90 second recovery in between, week one can be 90 second recovery, week 2 60, week 3 45 sec, etc, for ~ 3 sets. Then maybe go up 10 pounds, return to 90 second recovery week one, 60 week 2, 45 week 3.