Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Off season training begins

After 9 days of no training, I hit the mountain on my bike yesterday, my 54th birthday.   I did the 2.8 mile 1000' climb on Roarke's Cove Rd., expecting it would be easier ... considering I'm just a week+ off a consistent training regime.  It wasn't any easier.... it was a bitch.

I also hit the gym for some weights.   Did a 2 x 5 cleans with 120 lbs and some upper body work.  I also realized that I can use the glute machine for hip flexors too.  I ordered some lifting gloves.

I've been also doing an ab routine in Tabata intervals.   8 x 20 secs on / 20 sec rest.   A good workout in a short period.

Looking into strategies for combating sarcopenia.  Diet and supplements may help: protein, vitamin D, and BCAAs, particularly leucine.

Researching workout methods for strength and speed development.  Lot of info out there, but most is really geared toward collegiate athletes.  Would be easy to do too much; must keep in mind what coach Page said,  'avoiding injury is #1.'  As my friend Johnny - a 100m guy said - there are sprinters who focus more on track, and some who focus more on strength and weights.  He is more of a lifter and ran a 10.75 100m this year.   I think too much of a focus on weights, particularly too much weight and/or bad form could make me more susceptible to injury.   (Johnny raced only a few times this year before going down with a ham injury).

Enjoying a lot of free time... my diet has suffered a bit.  Eating a lot more carbs than normal, particularly bread, chips, potatoes.

The weather here on the mountain has been wonderfully cool for July.   Generally in the 70ºs to low 80ºs.

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