Wednesday, July 16, 2014

September in July

Very dry beautiful weather in Sewanee.   It was in the 60ºs this evening when I rode up Roarke's Cove  Rd. ... my 4th trip up in 8 days, 3rd on the bike.   Definitely easier today.   Afterward I did a good solid but brief workout.
single leg squats with 60bs - 2 x 12 each leg 
single leg bench stepup & leaps with 60lbs - 2 x 10 each leg 
lumberjack squats/press/calf raise with 140 lbs - 2 x 12 
leg curls 
glute machine 
hip flexor machine
tabata ab routine 

I wish the glute machine held more plates.  It maxes out at 150 lbs and I add a 10 plate.  I can do the stack easily 35 times with the glute (probably max out at 50) and the hip flexor about 20 times.  I need a machine like this with more weight.

Good luck to all at Masters Nationals that start tomorrow.

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