Saturday, February 22, 2014

speed and tempo

Upper 50sº, breezy and sunny, wouldn't want it any warmer at the KCD school track today.

Shifting more toward speed now.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
2 x 300m with 2:15 rest - 40, 47 
5 x 150m - all at 19-20
Looking at the Clyde Hart grids, during competition season, he had Michael Johnson doing quality repeats with no more than 3 reps per group with limited rest at near race pace.

My first 300 was most definitely race pace.  Then running another 300m with 2:15 rest produced an aerobic 'lung burn' and a ham pump I haven't felt in a while running 80% tempo workouts.  After a rest I started 90% 150s - focusing on stride, form, relaxation.

Since I will be running the 60m at Nationals, I need to start doing blocks and 30s.

Thoughts on the Nationals
You know the M50 400m and 200m is so freakin' competitive this year, that the reigning World Champion is going to have his hands full even getting a medal.  3 guys have the capability to go under 55 this year, where in the last 2 yrs, no one went under 55.  And in addition to those 3, there's Sunder Nix, '84 Olympic 400m finalist (44.75) and a newcomer to Masters track, no telling what he might be able to do if he's training.  As it stands now, I'm 6th seed in the 400m which means lane one... which sucks!   I put my 55.78 time from Sept as a seed time.   I'm almost inclined to edit my seed time up so as to run in the slow heat, at least I won't be interfered with and get a decent lane.   It pisses me off that guys put seed times like 54.00 when they have never run under 55.

The normal deadline for registration has been extended to Monday.  Unless someone scratches, is injured or performs badly, I have no chance for medal in the 400/200.  The 60m looks surprisingly less competitive.  I may have and outside chance to do well in that event, although I have no plans to run that race before Nationals.  I was going to run it in Sewanee on 3/1, but I deemed it too risky.  It costs several hundred bucks to go to Nationals and I don't want an injury.

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  1. Bill, I have announced Sunder Nix at least once as a master, but I can't recall the meet. He was entered at Olathe 2013 but did not compete (I did not announce there). If he shows up at Boston he will run very fast, as it's a pride thing for him as an Olympic gold medalist (4 x 400, US). He will not run worse than second at Boston 2014, even though the field is very strong.