Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wednesday morning sweat

Back on the track for the first time in a week.

Did a hard foundation workout.  I felt stiff and out of shape, also sore from doing carpentry work on my new vacation house in Sewanee.

It was a pleasant 62º and sunny at the Dean Hayes track this morning.  I did more warmup than usual.  It got warm enough to run shirtless.

700m warmup, stretches, drills, more stretches 
saucony spikes on
3 x 800m - 2:42, 2:52, 2:56  (with 3:30 rest)
2 x 300 - 45.5, 46

Need to do more leg resistance and some stadium stairs.  If I don't, the publgia will return.  It's going to be hard to get 3 days a week of training in while working at my new place, I'll try to do a workout in Sewanee on Mon.

I have been working hard and burning calories.
Weight - 138.2 lbs after workout 

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