Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Off season update

After more than 2 weeks off from running, I ran a brisk 1/2 mile on the street on Monday: 2:45 left me tired, lungs burning.   I am officially out of shape.   I mean, I could still probably break 60 in a 400m, but it would be close to an all-out effort.   I have also done only 2 resistance workouts with legs in the last 2 weeks and if I don't start doing more, the pubalgia will return.

I had a good few days of vigorous hiking in Oregon and I've been walking almost every night with a friend, 3-5 miles before bedtime.

My knee feels better and I plan to hit the track tomorrow to begin my training season.  I will do probably just 2x800m tomorrow and keep a M-W-F workout schedule.

Tonight, I'll do a one set lower body workout.  I found that during my Monday run, I've got to start working on triceps because my biceps are getting too pumped and tight when I run due to an imbalance because of too many pullups.

I've been eating like shit because of recent parties and leftover desserts.  I have an acid stomach from eating bread, chips, carbs.  I also have gained a few lbs and I can trace it to one binge on comfort food - shredded wheat cereal.  It achieved it's desired effect as I slept well afterward.  I ate the whole box of cereal that night and ballooned up to 146+ by bedtime.

Today, I'm 142.2 lbs.

First meet: MTSU Christmas Invitational is 8 weeks from Sat.

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  1. bill i don't get it here..gain weight from one meal? joe