Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Warmup, strengthening, a little running

My weekly test of my legs and little improvement.  I was surprised at how sore I was even several days after last workout due to the strengthening exercises I did (squats, lunges, step ups). 

It was good ole' fall weather in Sewanee ... damp, mid 40ºs, cloudy, raw and breezy.  Still some colorful leaves on the trees.  This time of year last year I was on the track at least 2 days a week doing hard foundation like 3 x 600s, etc...  Quite a different story this yr.  It's been 4 weeks since the knee injury and not much improvement.  I still haven't got the results of my MRI but probably this week.
Hoka trainers on 
250m warmup, stretches, drills 
25 x single leg squats, step ups/hops, lunges 
2 x 100m on grass - 18.5, 16.2
I did try and run a little faster in my last 100m on grass but my stride feels short, choppy, protective, and before I was finished I started to feel the swelling behind my knee again.    Not much improvement. 

I did wake up quite light yesterday, 147 bs but back up to 150 today.

I have to set a deadline of decision for competing in Poland.  If I am not able to train full scale in 4 weeks, and sprint race pace in 6 weeks, I'll likely sit out the entire 2019 indoor and outdoor season.  I think the likelihood of that is probably good.  I miss running fast but I don't miss the pain and suffering of training.  If I am to be competitive, I need to commit to it as if it's my living depends on it, the same level of commitment as past seasons.  I won't go to Poland unless I am 100% and can train full scale by mid Dec.   If I do sit out '19, a come back after such a long period will be tough especially near age 60, depending on how my cross training goes.  There is also a possibility I could retire from track altogether.  Some of my colleagues have done that right near the peak of their career.  Nick B. set an 800m WR then retired shortly after.  Ken E. won a World silver in the WMA then retired shortly after.   Ed W. won numerous Nationals in the 400m and was a SWS WR relay member, then just disappeared.  Better to retire I guess than compete and not be competitive.

I expect to be in the weight room and on the track about once a week.  If I show improvement, I'll ramp it up.  The good thing is that the knee doesn't remain sore after a bit of running the swelling is minor and subsides quickly.  This injury on my L knee is unfortunately my strongest leg, so the previous idea of trying long jump is out since this would be my take off leg.

I need to focus on music and other things now.  This fall I rediscovered how much I enjoy boating and hope to do more of it in the spring/ summer if I'm not competing.   Funny but since I've been seriously racing, I used my boat only once or twice a year, and not usually until fall after the season is over. 

Not one to rest on my laurels but it's been a helluva ride.  A World Championship (200m), 5 USATF National Championships (and 3 silver), a USATF Masters Age group Athlete of the YR., M55 4x200 World Record, 4 individual world medals, World #1 Rank ('16 indoor M55 400m), 53 college track meets after age 50.   I've made my mark and if I choose to walk away, it's ok.  But, I hope to be back.

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  1. Hang in there. Hopefully, the injury heals itself in time for you to get back to serious training in the near future.