Sunday, November 18, 2018

Back out on the track

Just did a little today, nice weather 58º and mostly sunny late afternoon.  Feeling OK and I've decided to forego any needles in my knee and cancel my appointment tomorrow.  If if was really important to me to compete this season, and if I hadn't shown improvement, I would get the steroid and Euflexxa injections.  But it seems to be improving slowly.  I can sprint nearly full speed from a 3 point stance, it's only full stride when my leg is fully extended where I feel any problem.  

I'm going to get my mri report and send it to Alan T., a fellow sprinter who is also a knee surgeon.  He said one steroid shot wouldn't hurt and the Euflexxa wouldn't either, but since I'm in no hurry, I'll continue on as I am.  Since I can run 15 sec. 100s, if I can string a bunch of them together with 1 min rest, that's a workout.  

I was just on the track 2 days ago so I didn't do much today.  
Hoka trainers on 
100m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 100m - 14.43, 14.34 
2 x 50m - 7.00, 7.03
25 x single leg squat hops 
Four sprints from a 3 point stance.  No problem accelerating.  I think if things keep going as they are, I should be able to do some meaningful volume in 2 weeks.  

Really heavy though, 151.5 lbs this morning.  Need to work on that.  I'm going to do something physical everyday.  I think being on the track more than once a week is ok with such low volume.  

Looks like fair weather Tues - Thurs so I'll be back out to run some track or hills.  Still not ruling out Poland.  Will make a decision by 12/15.

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