Saturday, April 14, 2018

moving hurdles

After a good morning mountain bike ride, I spent Friday late afternoon at my hometown track meet volunteering... moving hurdles, watching handoff zones, etc...   After spending 4 hrs on my feet, I went and did a short weight workout, glute and adductors.  

2 x 55 glute machine - 340 lbs
1 x 25 adductor machine - 150 lbs
500m - rowing machine

Today, Sat. it's raining most of the day and is supposed to get much cooler, probably only in the 40ºs tomorrow, so I'm going to stay off my feet, do some ab work and give it another try on the track tomorrow.  I'm doubtful for the Nashville Masters meet on May 5, just 3 weeks away since I have not had any meaningful track workouts in a month.  Might try and start competing again at the Atlanta Relays in 6 weeks and Birmingham SE Masters is in 7 weeks.  

If it feels ok tomorrow, I could try a real interval workout next Friday, then maybe back to a regular schedule, every other or third day.  

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