Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Despite lingering ham soreness from Thursdays speed work, I hit the gym tonight and did the usual lower body routine.   I think it is working for me, seeing some development in the glutes and thighs, probably helped by a diet richer in protein and carbs.
3 x 10 each leg - single leg squat jumps with 70 lbs  
4 x 15 - squat jumps with 80 lbs 
3 x 25 - calf raises with 270 lbs 
3 x 15 - ham / glute raises with 25 lbs 
2 x 15 - leg extention/ hip flexor with 60 lbs each leg 
2 x 35 - glute machine with 150 lbs
My present thinking is that exercises that isolate a a specific muscle are not useful to me.  If I were interested in body building, perhaps, but exercises that are explosive and use the same muscle groups that a sprinter uses, seem to be the way to go.  In the real world, athletes never isolate muscles in athletic events.   That's why I prefer squat jumps and leaps to simple squats.  I remember working out as a kid and doing slow muscle-isolation type lifting.    I don't see the point.   Sprinting is explosive, so why would I want to go slow and isolate ... (except sometimes for the negative in prehabing the hams.  That 'eccentric movement' thing).   When I use the leg extension machine, I deliberately lift my thigh off the bench to recruit the hip flexors in addition to the quads.  (I've seen Usain Bolt do this in workouts).

I've also read that explosive training, especially HIIT (high intensity interval training) is the best way to produce hormones like hgh and testosterone.  Studies confirm, it's far better than steady state cardio-type training in that regard.

Hard to believe but the first indoor track meet is just 6 weeks away.   I'm thinking I'll have fun at this first meet and not run the 400m, just the 55m and the 200m.  It would be a good test to see if I'm maintaining speed while I age.

Speed, baby.

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