Monday, January 6, 2014


TSU Meet report.

Stumbled badly on the start of the 200m at TSU and ran a disappointing 26.16 200m.   But that time was on par with my 200s on that track 2 years ago - 26.12 and 26.22, but both those 200s were run after a 400m.   I was hoping for much better.   I'm thinking the stumble cost me at least 0.50 seconds.  But ok considering I was 3-4 lbs heavier than 'race weight' at about 144 lbs.

I had a full heat of guys and it was fun to participate.   I was happy to not run the 400m, especially after seeing MTSU's Demitrius in a sickened stupor after he won the 400m with a 49.46.  Not a fun race for anyone.

Although I didn't have any injuries, my right hip and ham were sore again.  I don't know what this is.  It is not solely isolated to the hip.  It almost feels like shin splint, but on my ham.  I was able to run full sprint ok with just minor pain.  Hopefully this will go away with rest as i will be taking off at least a week, probably more from the track.

The race.

I had lane 3, great lane on a 5 lane track.   I simply forgot to give a good push with my hands at the start and came out too low.  I tripped and studder stepped, actually going into lane 4 before righting myself and getting back on track.   I accelerated quickly after the misstep and it took the guys on my inside the second turn to make up the stagger.   I was last in the heat but not by much, I was passed on the final straight.  The next slowest guy was 25.74.

Again, it was fun and hopefully I'll be back to race in the Feb 1 Sewanee meet or the Feb 2 TSU meet.

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