Monday, January 20, 2014

quality speed endurance ... with the team

Expecting a solitary day on the track today, I was surprised to see the MTSU team out there.  An amazingly perfect winter day, sunny and warm, 60º.   I spiked up to run fast.

Dean Hayes joked that they're not training  masters here today.    I said "call the police"  ... a private joke between myself and the coaches.  He laughed. 'That episode' with the soccer coach has been joked about a lot among the coaches.  

I had fasted all day yesterday for a blood test this morning, so all I've had to eat since Saturday was some sweet tea, a banana, and a couple handfuls of nuts this morning.  So, I wasn't fueled for much quantity.

I wanted to do 400s with recovery, even splits, but after one, I decided to run 200s with the team. They were running about 26s, so I ran behind at about 27-28s.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
400m - 59.5  (29, 30.5) 
3 x 200m - 28, 27, 27
Doesn't look like much but it was tough, and I felt the pump in my hams.   I can honestly say, the 400m was not real taxing and I think I can go much faster if I can get my mind right and execute.

Happy to say I'm healthy now and light!   141.8 after workout.

Training thoughts
When I look back at when I was turning 55s consistently in '12, I rarely did strict limited rest tempo endurance.   I did almost entirely speed endurance.  When running quantity, I'd tone it down a bit and when doing quality, run 90+%.   In both cases, I'd take significant rest.   But with my short Sept season, I made very fast progress I think due to the brutal 4x4s with 2 min rest, with some short power speed workouts mixed in.   Hard to find the right mix.  I've been lacking in resistance work since I injured myself doing it in Nov.   Did some Friday and need to be careful.  I'll do some tonight.

New Meet
It looks like I'll be racing Sunday.   There is a college DIII meet in Birmingham, and since I'm driving 2+ hrs to get there, I'll be running the 400/200 to make it worthwhile.   Tempted to do the 60m as well.  Don Drummond said he's going and so is J. Woodman, so I guess I'll go as well.   I've wanted to race on this track for a long time - the only banked Mondo in the SE.   My expectations aren't too high since I took 8 days off this month, but I hope to improve on previous outings.  This is a good meet for me because I will still be 2 weeks away from my next concert, and last year, there were a lot of slow guys, several over 55.    I'll also race in Sewanee on 2/1, and perhaps again in Birmingham on 2/14.

Birmingham crossplex 200m track.... 

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