Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hard stuff

It hurts.   It's going to be a long hard ass road back to fitness.  Very painful because I am not in shape, but I'm getting there.  I was about 150.4 lbs last week.  I estimate my body fat at about 20%.

I did some hard cardio today, a workout that normally wouldn't have been so exhausting if I were in shape.

Friday 6/14 
stairmaster - 30 min
Tuesday 6/18
5 min bike warmup 
stretches, drills 
Concept 2 rower - 2000m - 8:33 / 33 spm 
Stairmaster - 20 min
I was sweating good after my warmup before I even started the rower.   After the rower, my heart rate hit 172.  I'm pretty sure it stayed around 160 for 15 min on the stair master.

It was hard.  I need to do this at least 3X a week.    Now I think I can do some hill climbing on the bike.

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