Monday, April 22, 2019

Swim / nutrition

First time in the pool with aqua running and swimming.  Since a new exercise, I just did an easy 20 min 'jog', trying to maintain good form.  I followed with a brief 150m swim.

Trying to stay active, I did a leisurely bike ride for almost an hour around campus.  I ran into the local HS track coach, who I thought had retired, but he said he was back into it.  I rode over to the SAS campus and briefly watched their track practice.  Heh... watching a HS track practice, guess I really miss track.  I'd normally be getting ready to leave for Penn Relays this week.  I took the brace off to ride a bit, felt fine.  Not much difference.

Was lightest I've been in a while this morning, 148.5 lbs, but that doesn't mean I've lost much fat.   It just means I ate really light last night.  Today, I ate much more because tomorrow I'm fasting for 24 hrs for my annual blood work.  I weighed 153 after dinner.  Eating very smart though, pretty much zero carbs.

I've also drastically cut my sugar intake by using this natural sweetener:  Whole Earth Sweetener.  It's a mixture of stevia, and monk fruit.  Best sugar substitute I've had.  Use it in coffee/cappuccino, tea, and most of all, in limeade - very low calorie, which I've been drinking a lot of instead of the usual high calorie orange juice.

I made a real tasty protein snack last night, salmon jerky.  It's really a delicacy, it took over 3 lbs of salmon to make just one pound of jerky.  I swear I could eat the whole pound in a sitting.  It's a really great snack or compliment to a meal.  Packed with protein, low carb.  It has 15 grams of protein per ounce.  It's similar to eating bacon but more meaty and without the grease and dangerous nitrite preservatives.   I'm going to have to make this more often.  It's easy.

    salmon jerky

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