Sunday, April 14, 2019


It's a great life in Sewanee... waking up to this incredible view, enjoying some volatile spring weather that has sent winds gusting to 47 mph today and storms last night.   I drove to the cathedral to practice guitar after midnight amid the lightning.  The cold front is coming through now and the temperature is rapidly dropping.  Expecting 36º tonight after a high of 71º today.

Yesterday, I decided to push my usual bike route - a 6.5 mile out and back with 5 good hard hill climbs each way.   I timed it as a standard to beat.  Came in at 30:13.  Then I went to the gym last night and did a stationary bike 19 x 15 sec sprint set w/ 45 sec rest, (taking 23 minutes with warmup and cool down).   I always finish with a 30 sec sprint.   I'm going to keep cranking it up each time, one set / one minute more ... so next time, 20 x 15 sec sprints.    I also did glute machine, adductors, 70º leg press, pecks, rows, pullups. 

I was going to swim today but couldn't find my goggles so I ordered some more.  I may go to do some water running tomorrow.  Instead... back on the bike.

So today, I did my ab routine and 12 pull ups.  I wasn't going to bike again, but since I didn't swim, I thought I'd do the course but not really push it.  So much for that.  As soon as I turned on my stopwatch, I went for it and completed the course 2 minutes faster than last time.  28:12 is the new standard.  Not bad since part of the return was into a very stiff wind.  So... in my usual format:

Mountain bike 6.5 mile circuit - 30:13 
19 x 15 sec sprints w/ 45 sec rest - cybex stationary bike  
50 x each side w/ 270 lbs - glute machine 
adductors, 70º leg press, pull ups, rows, pecks
Tabata ab routine - 8 x 20 sec sets 
12 pull ups 
Mountain bike 6.5 mile circuit - 28:12 

It's always a tendency for me to set goals based on time when training.  When I was a kid, my favorite toys were stopwatches and measuring tapes.  My brother and I would go outside every summer day and try to "make and break records."  I guess I haven't changed too much.

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