Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Busting ass on the bike, new mtn bike PR

This one, I went for it.  I really busted my butt today in a near all out effort on my 10k mtn bike course (that includes gravel roads and numerous hill climbs).    I went out fast, up off the seat a lot.  Beat my previous PR by about 1:35 min.

Conditions:  dry, partly cloudy, 74º with occasional strong headwinds.   I was hampered a bit by equipment, my seat slid down and my up shifter was sticking.  I was also rude to a neighbor who stopped to tell me something from his car, I drove on by yelling, "Can't stop, doing a time trial!!"

New PR:  25:41

end of road - 5:14
turnaround - 13:12


Fasting today, blood work tomorrow.  Should easily be below 148 tomorrow.

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  1. "that includes gravel roads" This sounds dangerous and should be avoided, especially considering 'your investment'.