Monday, October 30, 2017

Foundation on a nice day

Pushing 60º on a sunny afternoon at the Sewanee track, perfect except for a little breeze.   I was able to peel off my shirt after my first run.  I attempted to replicate the workout I did 2 yrs ago on Halloween:  so this was Halloween Hell II.  I tried to beat my times from then, I did but ran one less sprint at the end.  Still a good workout, glad to get it done.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
800m - 2:43.5 
600m - 1:53.5 
500m - 85.5

All these times were a 2 or 3 seconds faster than my '15 work out, although I didn't do an ending 400m like I did on that one.  My back, hip and feet are definitely recovering so I didn't want to push it.  However, I took about full rest in between and didn't go all out.

It was hard, I'm still rotating shoes and socks to pad my feet better in between reps but my older pair of Clifton 3s is noticeably not as soft as the newer ones.  I'm definitely not in shape, and doing a once a week workout like this will not provide any gains.  I will need to start doing some cross training, which I haven't been doing in preparation to going to 2 days a week on the track next month, probably Friday and Tues.

Kind of a pet peeve of mine is that the mens room at the track is locked, although it was open all spring and summer for at least 4 months.  Maybe I'll ask the AD about it.  Perhaps I can get a key since I'm faculty.

Shane suggested some exercises on FB for back issues.  It is common for older sprinters, Rudy mentioned it too.  Although my back is much better, I may have an imbalance and perhaps some anterior pelvic tilt.  Going to try some new exercises.

Still not feeling 100% or close to start running fast.  Was thinking about the world class guys I know like Nick, Ken, and Ed who just quit, right at the top of their game.  They were all younger than me when they quit.  Nick has set a WR, Ken took a World Silver, Ed won numerous titles.  Then there are guys like John who is training like a beast right now, even running 5ks, hills, 800s... he's in the massively competitive M50 group.  I definitely could not do that volume.  We'll see how it goes.

I'm still heavy, low 147s after workout.  Good low carb stew tonight but the last few days eating bread.  Can't get lean and eat bread, although I've given up butter blend spreads and I'm using a basting brush with a light touch of olive oil and some garlic salt.  Better than butter.  I think even at my present state I'm still in the mid teens in percentage body fat, guessing about 14-16%.  I think for me, 12% or less is competition weight.   It's not an exact correlation between BMI and body fat %.  My BMI indicates a fat % in the mid teens.    40% of men my age in TN are obese which yields a body fat % of about 35%... of course that all depends on muscle mass as well, so it's approximate.

Beautiful day!

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