Friday, May 12, 2017

stairmaster, rowing

My usual 2 standbys when I'm not running.   Stairmaster and rowing, guaranteed to produce a good sweat.  Past 2 nights at the Sewanee Fowler Center was 100% empty except for me and the old lady at the desk.

Stairmaster - 20 min - hill program, level 15 (of 20) 
Concept 2 rower - 2000m - 8:44 / 37 spm

It was a pretty strong effort on the rower.  Not 100%, but equivalent to running a fast mile.  Also did 5 hilly miles on the mountain bike yesterday.

Maintaining decent weight, under 146 after workout.  9 days til the return to the track.  Feet feel great.  Enjoying the 'time off.'

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