Tuesday, May 9, 2017


It's nice to be recognized for what may be a one-in-a-lifetime award, but recognition is not why I do it.

After seeing articles about WMACi Daegu mentioning my name in Trinidad, Ireland, Italy, etc... I was thinking that the local media in Murfreesboro, TN would just ignore my story.  After all, MTSU News had published 2 previous stories on me, my first title, and one just last year after Nationals and our 4x200m WR.  Since '12, I've won Nationals 5 times and it probably doesn't seem remarkable or even 'news' anymore.

But, 5 weeks after the event, MTSU finally put out a story last week, on May 1.  I never saw it until yesterday.   It was mentioned on the main MTSU News website, the MTSU FB page, and on Murfreesboro.com.  USATF Masters loves this sort of thing because it promotes the sport, and they shared MTSU's FB post on the USATF Master's FB page.

In years past, my former boss George was very supportive of my athletic activities and awards.  He took it upon himself to send out a news release of my first Nationals win, and even when I took Silver (outdoor '12).  By contrast, no one from my dept even told me this article had been published, so it was out a while before I saw it.

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