Sunday, October 18, 2015

continued backsliding...

Felt cold tonight at Sewanee, breezy low 50s at sunset.  I'm definitely don't feel like I'm getting in shape.  To make any headway, I need at least 2 hard track workouts a week, instead of just one.  But, I'm not going to start that for a while.... long season ahead.  Still have pain in my right inside talonavicular joint.

I'm tempted to put the spikes on and do a fast 400m just to see where I am.  My workouts are a little lighter than last yr at this time when I was already up to 3x a week.  Last yr at this time I could do 4 x 400m with 2m rest.  No way now.
Saucony trainers on 
800m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 400m w/ 2min rest - 70, 73, 81 
100m strider on grass
I'm still heavy even though I've reformed my diet.   Ranging now between 147 - 150.5.   147.4 after workout.  Sometimes, morning weight is under 147.   I'm reminded that any change in diet takes a long time to see changes in body fat and variations up to 5 lbs are meaningless.  When my range becomes 143 - 146.5, then I will know I'm making headway.  Stopped eating bread more than a week ago.

Exercising the shin muscles responsible for raising the toe helps with the foot pain, as does the opposite, calf raises.

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  1. Don't beat yourself up .... you've been here and done it before. You know the 'negatives' of 'over-training' and need to avoid them..... especially as you age. Avoid OCD behavior...Smell some flowers!!