Saturday, September 15, 2012

Just visiting

I was on my way home for the weekend on Friday and saw the track team practicing on the track, so I stopped for a visit. I really enjoyed hanging with Dean Hayes and Coach Kelly.  It was the first day of track practice.

 They confirmed what I already knew, I shouldn't be training 5 days a week on the track like a college guy. I have to train smarter.

 Coach Kelly gave me his warmup routine. Coach Hayes, 74, told me stories of his trips to Russian and Romania, and various coaching strategies. He remarked about how much weight some of his sprinters had gained over the summer break. The 400 guys were runing 10 X 200m in training shoes with 30sec rest.  Coach says they train without spikes most of the fall.

Coach also says the sprinters lift 3x a week and they do it the same day as running, they do it afterward.

 The team from last year is back - including Olympian Noah Akwu, with just one senior graduating. It was a nice visit.

Next time on the track I think I'll run 100m strider repeats on grass with limited rest.  The knee has been feeling fine.  I have a followup with a Dr. in about 10 days.

I need to do some resistance today.  I'm actually in good shape with all the upper body stuff and glute work I'm doing, still under 140 lbs.

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