Monday, October 10, 2011

Time to end the vacation

Taking a new tactic, as coach Page recommends, just address my general fitness, do not stress the abs in any way. Obviously the therapy has reached some diminishing returns and the longer I go without therapy, the better and more healed I feel.

This past weekend with Iska was a weekend of sedentary luxury with a big, rich, carb-infused Sunday breakfast out that included apple crepes, muffins and potatoes. I weigh 152 lbs but the good thing is that I feel almost healed. I can do double leg squat jumps with zero pain.

Sometimes I think this thing is just a nerve issue. Experimenting with some pressure points and massage, when I deeply rub the inguinal canal area, it almost always allieviates the pain. I still think this is athletic pubalgia, I get a general feeling of soreness and 'tugging' on my pubic bone and lower pelvis when doing exercises, although it seems to be mostly in the left inguinal area.

I desperately need some diet control and some cardio tonight. Stair stepper machine, at least 25 min tonight, some weights, and a light dinner. I have a vacation trip this weekend at the lake, and a concert in 2 weeks, so gym time is limited. I hope to walk or run stadium stairs next week and then start some grass running in Nov.

More experimenting with pressure points has yielded results. For example, when pressing on the left inguinal area and engaging the abs in a leg lift, the pain disappears.

This makes sense with what I've read on a page from the UVA Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, Their definition of Sports hernia includes a nerve issue:
Athletic hernia: weakness in the transverse fascia (posterior wall of inguinal canal) which may allow localized bulging that compresses the genitofemoral and/or ilioinguinal nerve causing a chronic activity related pain in the groin and it’s surrounding structures
They also mention: "shearing forces across pubic symphysis" ... which explains the 'tugging' I feel on the bottom of my pelvis, and "Slow onset of dull and aching pain ...deep pain."

Yep, that's it. Interesting to read what UVA says:
"No imaging will show/diagnose an athletic hernia ... but good for ruling out other diagnoses"
I just found out that I'm going to have to shell out of my pocket over $400 for that freakin' MRI that showed NOTHING. ($350 deductible)

Knowing that compression on the area significantly reduces pain, relief that continues even after I stop the compression, I wonder if I should consider an inguinal support belt when I return to running? Worth a try.

I feel more positive and some progress after last night's cardio work. Should be running soon.

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