Thursday, October 13, 2011

Test run

Baby steps.

After an abbreviated dynamic stretching regime and some strength exercises, I did a test run.

Here it is:

Dynamic stretches

2 x 15 - double leg squat jumps

2 x 25 - Bulgarian squats - no weight

2 x 400m - jog, sprint jog

It felt ok. No significant pain, but I could still feel "it". I applied the pressure point in between 400s and it helped. Looking forward to trying the inguinal compression wrap.

Feel like I'm on target to start running in Nov. Ready to run some stairs. Hoping to get into an early morning workout regime on the track again. I am terribly out of shape and over weight, but the injury is definitely better, almost gone. The next 2 weeks will be busy with a wilderness vacation - boating and hiking, and preparation for a concert in IL.
I definitely won't be ready for any Dec. meets but maybe by Jan., an indoor 400m may be possible. I am essentially 2 months behind in training and will need to do a lot to establish an aerobic foundation if I ever hope to run a 400m.

I think this injury issue will subside with fitness and weight loss - consistent and careful training.

Weight is 149.6.

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