Thursday, June 4, 2020

4,3,2,1 - blast off

More like summer, mid 70's with increased humidity tonight, under a full moon with a light breeze.  I felt more like sprinting tonight than really working out.  So, I just did this speed workout, which accomplished little except to reassure me that I can still run fast.

Hoka trainers on
200m warmup, stretches, drills 
400m - 59.60 (29.57, 30.03) 
300m - 40.88  (12.54, 13.31, 15.03) 
200m - 25.94 (12.34, 13.59) 
100m - 12.74
All sprints except the 100m were done with a 2 or 3 step rolling start, the 100m from 3 pt. on the line.  The 400m was supposed to be negative split 32/30, but I took off too fast.  The 300m was the best sprint of the night, fastest 300m I've run in over a yr, but it was run more like a true 300m, not like a 400m race pace event run. The 200m splits were very uneven, not sure what that was about, but I did run that turn like crazy. 

This workout was good for practicing speed form, but really not an effective workout.  If I had run 2 more 400s, or 2 x 500m, or limited rest 300s, that would have been better.  But sometimes it's fun to run fast ... because I can.   

Body seems to be holding up, getting leaner.  144 after workout.

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