Friday, May 17, 2019

losing the fat

Weight / fat is coming off after almost 2 weeks of calorie restriction.  My daily intake has ranged from about 1300 calories to a few days where I was under 500.  I was busy and on my feet during those light days so I really saw a difference.  Weighed 145.2 this morning but my daily average would probably be about 147ish. 

Working more on abs and upper body, can do 16 pull ups and 40 pushups so I think my strength is increasing.   

Last 2 days was busy with visitors and had not worked out much so I'll be back into it today.  I've not by any means lost my abdominal fat completely.  It's a process that will take probably 2-3 more weeks of careful diet and by the time I see Dr. LaPrade in June, I'll be able to start building muscle mass back up again with a bigger diet, more protein, some supplements, and soon .... a little running.  

The dangerous thing about doing these quasi fasts, real low calorie days while being active is that the less I eat, the less I want to eat and lose my appetite.  But now I'm back to a nominal diet and eating really well but small.

For example, this is a common dish for me, very simple and super tasty, high protein, very low carb, and low cal for a main meal.  This is about 380 calories:

shirataki noodles
32 medium shrimp
snow peas
olive oil

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