Thursday, May 30, 2019

Almost there

Did another hard mtn bike trial today, came up just short of my PR in 23:40.  Have been eating real lean, and dropped below 144 momentarily after doing some projects all day - one of which was changing out a manifold and riser on my Mercruiser boat engine.   What a job, went extremely well.

Mercruiser Chevy 5.7 exhaust manifold
I had a slight shoulder injury in a freak bike mishap, but it's no problem.  I can do pull ups but not yet pushups.

I'm feeling like I can comfortably jog but I'm just testing.  I do think a return to the track and stadium stairs is certainly within a month.  No hurry to sprint.  Expect to be doing foundation for some time.

Shedding fat has been quite a hobby and motivational.  I've found good substitutes for carbs and sugar, but I'm still eating extremely light, probably avg about 1000 cal/ day.  It may sound like a sacrifice but it's easy for me.  Besides my one main meal, I may have sweetened (no cal) iced coffee with a little chocolate and nuts.   Not the healthiest thing, as some days this Belgian chocolate and nuts account for 50% of my daily calories, as my meals are very low cal.  (Fortunately, I'm almost out of chocolate).  When I reach my leanest point, I'll shift my diet and training to include more cals, protein, carbs and more strength work.  I'm thinking 2 weeks.  I'll see what Dr. LaPrade says in 10 days.  Right now, I'm upping my ab work, doing body weight exercises.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the hell out of this vacation.  Practicing music, making improvements in my boat and motorcycles.

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