Saturday, March 2, 2019

back to the gym

First time in the gym in 6+ weeks.  It felt great to be there and it was a perfect time to go, I was the only person there late Friday night 9-10pm.  The 'workout' I'm doing is so light that I can do it every day.   The progression of PT exercises is frustratingly slow.  I'm beginning my 7th week post op and the new exercises for this time are biking with no resistance, and hamstring bridge sets.  I wasn't supposed to do calf heel raises for a week but I included those too.  I'm not supposed to bike with resistance, do body weight double leg squats and lunge holds til the last week in March, but I'll ask Dr. LaPrade if I can move it up a week.    Aqua running, hill walking, and first resistance strength exercises not until 2nd week in April.  Seems ridiculous that these exercises are delayed for so long when I do things now in daily life that are similar, like getting up off a chair or walking up stairs.  Stair master and full compliment of resistance exercises are not supposed to happen til June, and running, July. 

It's a long path back but I'm starting now.  I've been eating better.  As much as I love my superautomatic European coffee machines, I've given up coffee for a while, which means I'll consume less sugar.  When I drink a lot of coffee and I'm out of shape, I get this weird heart beat where my heart skips a beat.  After 2 days of no coffee, that issue is greatly reduced. 

USATF National Masters Indoor
Happy to see my friend Stephen G. win his first Nat'l Championship in the M60 60m dash at indoor nationals.  Also happy to see David Pitts win the M55 400m in a solid time.   I hope he goes to Poland.  It'll be a great race if Michael from Canada and Jon from the UK both come... and if Marcus is in shape.

Like all masters events, getting there and being healthy half the battle. 

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  1. I’ve had a similar issue with my heart. A disconcerting feeling.