Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Meeting with Dr.

Met with Dr. LaPrade and his assistant Dr. Cook.  He said I was 'ahead of the curve'.  Dr.  LaPrade was happy to see the decent muscle tone in my quad which is important to recovery.   But Fred said I needed to pull the reins in a bit. In other words, be cautious and don't go ahead of the PT plan.  They said my 'go-to cardio' can be bike and swimming with a leg float, so I just ordered one.

They used euphemisms, probably repetitive 'tried and true analogies' to get their point across regarding rehab.  Here they are, as I can remember what they said:

"You have one chance to get this right, you want to hit a home run.   There are 2 types of people, those who learn from their mistakes and those who learn from other peoples mistakes."  - Fred Cook

Obviously better to learn from other people's mistakes.

Dr. LaPrade cleared the exercises that I had been doing (hip, glute, adductor, and abductor).    I said I thought I could move sooner into some of the other strength exercises because they are not unlike things I do in life, like getting up from a chair is a 'squat.'  He maintained that caution is best because of the fact that this is a very slow healing thing and premature repetitive motion, and anything involving repeated deep squat type exercise needs to be avoided for 4 months.  He used the analogy of a clothes hanger:  "bend it once it's ok but you keep bending it repetitively it will break."  That's why no aqua running for another month, and to continue to use the brace as much as possible especially when walking long distances and when I begin to run.

OK, points made.  He did say that running may be as soon as 20 months not 24, depending on next exam.  I'll likely see him again in June when he moves to Minneapolis.

It was a real fun trip.  Roya met me there and despite our tiredness due to essentially leaving in the middle of the night, having our sleep time reduced an hour by the spring time change, we met in Denver at 8:00 am.  My former student Jacob happened to be there at the same time for a  family ski trip, so we went out for breakfast at Panera.

We left Denver about 10am and headed to the mountains.  I wanted to drive to Loveland Pass but it was closed due to avalanches and deep snow.  We drove to our hotel and Whole Foods in Dillon.  Then we went sight seeing. Off to Leadville where we stopped at the famous saloon.

The trip to Vail was fine, although the area was under an avalanche warning.  We walked around the town and checked out the ritzy shops.  The prices were ridiculous.  You can spend $70 for a gift set that contains 2 bars of soap, or $90 for an espresso cup, one!

On the way back, we stopped at the historic Georgetown where we found an awesome Vietnamese pho restaurant.  It was great.  I had the seafood pho and Roya had the chicken.   We hung out at the airport a bit where I had a chance meeting with a fellow musician, a lute player who was actually quite famous, although I hadn't met him before.  I really felt the Southwest flight was far more comfortable than the Frontier flight.  Got back to Sewanee before midnight.  Nice trip.

In the spirit of Anthony Bourdain, here's a photo of the great pho we had in Georgetown.

Seafood pho at Pho Bay, Georgetown, CO


I've scheduled my followup for June 10th with Dr. LaPrade in MN.   It's a little more expensive to fly to MN, but it's actually shorter distance.  His office is just a few miles from the airport so I won't rent a car or stay over night.  Fly in morning, leave evening.

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