Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hill climbs on the bike

I think climbing hills on the bike will be my next thing.

I'm tired of working out inside and the Dr. told me biking is "fine".   I've been wearing the boot at while I sleep and most of the day if I have nothing to do.  Bone stimulator every night and a supplement regimen.  I'm optimistic that I'll be healed in about 8 weeks.

Medical bills are mounting.   With copays and deductibles, I've spent several hundred and that is with Cigna Insurance.     I had to pay the full $420 for my CT scan.  I have a $450 deductible for scans.  Next one will be free.

I left my bike and (motorcycle) in Sewanee and will try the full Rourke's Cove Road pedal climb the next time I'm up there.   I used to run this road all the time.  It's a brutal 3 mile climb of 1000'.   I know I will not be able to do it without stopping.

Wednesday, I did a third of the hill as a trial run... passing by the beautiful flowering wysteria trees.  Sure beats stairmaster.

News from my masters friends:

- Randall M65 sprinter is back on the track and after 2 knee surgeries, he's threatenong to go below 30sec in the 200m.

- James Chinn  is absolutely smokin'  .... turning in the fasted 400m time in the nation for M50 - 54.59.  James is turning 55 this year has been turning in his fastest times in 3 yrs. 24.58 - 200m / 54.59 400m.  That 400m time would have won gold last year. So, maybe I still have a chance to improve when I come back.  James - congrats on "running your age" in the 400m!

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  1. Bill, I can't for the life of me see how 'uphill' pedaling won't put a 'stretch' on the unhealed portion of the subject tarsal.