Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Back to some cardio, Dr. visits, injury update

It had been 2 weeks since I did any cardio and I did 30 min on the stairmaster on Monday at the Fowler Center in Sewanee.

I've been confering with 3 different Drs. on this injury.  Tomorrow I will be getting my Exogen bone stimulator to help with the healing process.  The thing that all 3 Drs agree on is that this injury has a good chance of healing without surgery.  Dr. Willers says 75% chance, Dr. Rod says "probably heal on its own eventually and NOT be a non union", and Dr. Giles says it's in good position and will probably heal on it's own.

Treatment recommendations differ widely.

Dr. Giles, a beautiful young woman - almost young enough to be my daughter - gave me a recommendation that was nothing short of devastating:  90 days, all spring and most of the summer in a tall 3 strap boot, even sleep with it on.  I basically told her I didn't think I could do it.

I asked Dr. Rod about that recommendation, he replied, "Exactly - overkill, but certainly sound advice. He/She probably knew that you weren't really going to wear the CAM boot for 90 days and know a type-A person when they see one ;-) Unfortunately, there is a traction pull of the peroneus brevis tendon right on the avulsion fracture and it is desirable to not that occur, so try to avoid side to side/eversion/twisting movements of the foot/ankle when not in the boot. "

Dr. Willers says it's ok to bike and I absolutely don't need to wear the high boot.   He said he'd know more after about 6 more weeks and the use of a bone stimulator.

What to do?

I have no illusions about running this summer.  I will give it 4 months or until Sept. to heal.  If it shows negligible healing at that time, I may opt for surgery.  (If I have surgery Oct. 1, I should be running by Jan.)

I need to give this injury a real chance to heal.  Once I start the bone stimulator, no unnecessary walking, hiking, etc...  until I get my next xray in late June or early July.   I intend to wear the boot most of the time and even may try working out in it.  Probably stationary bike.  Maybe that's a pipe dream.

Nevertheless, I haven't worn the boot for 12 weeks and in that first 10 weeks of not wearing the boot, some healing did occur despite my relatively active life, although it really wasn't as much as I expected. But, with the use ofthe bone stimulator, I'm hopeful the next 6 weeks will bring about some solidification.  There are some dietary things I should do, but will be really hard - cutting out sugar, salt and caffine is supposed to help more than eating mega doses of calcium. That will be harder than working out.
Here is a supplement regimen that is supposed to help bone healing: zinc; 12 to 30mg, copper; 1 to 3mg, calcium; 800 to 1200mg, phosphorous; 800 to 1200mg, silicon; 5 to 20mg, vitamin C; 500 to 3000mg, vitamin D; 800 to 2000 IU, vitamin K; 250 to 1000mcg and vitamin B6; 25 to 50mg. Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/265314-how-to-eat-healthy-to-heal-broken-bones/#ixzz2SeKhoCDG

Here is the comparison: Feb. 11 to Apr. 23:


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