Monday, February 11, 2019

Core and upper body

Workouts now consist mostly of core and upper body, but have been doing some left leg calf pumps with rubber tubing.  My leg is about 6" short of normal flexion.  I'm assuming it'll be 100% in 2 weeks or so.  Swelling /cyst is gone. 

8 X tabata bicycle abs - 20 sec on, 20 sec rest 
12 pullups 
2 x 25 pushups 
8 x 20 L calf sets with rubber tubing

My weight is good, just 148 lbs but that is partly due to loss of muscle.  Definitely higher body fat than when I'm usually at this weight.   (Still fighting off the temptation to eat bad foods at 'drive up windows').

The next set of new exercises beginning in March include no resistance stationary bike, body weight calf heel raises, hamstring bridge sets.  By the end of March, I can bike ride with resistance and do 30º body weight squats.  Early April, some careful hiking and leg press from 70º.

Just 17 more days before I transition off crutches.  Come on March, get here. 

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  1. I would be VERY CAUTIOUS insofar as biking, hiking, and the like. All activity with an element of 'risk' (falling from outside influences) should be carefully considered. An untoward fall while hiking or biking could be disastrous to your entire surgical repair and rehab experience.