Saturday, December 8, 2018

The long 'off season'

This will be my longest 'off season' and who knows, it may be forever.  I don't expect to be on the track again til summer, depending on the knee fix.  It's hard to stay motivated for me without the metrics of sprint training... i.e. intervals at a specific time goal, timed rest.   There is NOTHING that burns the calories and is as intense as long sprint interval training.  There is nothing you can do in 6 minutes that compares to a 4 x 200m w/ 1 min rest set of intervals on the track.  However, I've settled into a regime of rowing on the Concept 2 machine and 'sprint intervals' on the stationary bike along with glute machine and various other exercises.  I'll do this likely until the surgery, depending on what Dr says Wed.

2000m row - 8:59  Concept 2 rower 
8 x 15 sec sprint w/ 45 sec rest - stationary bike 
50 x 250 lbs - glute machine

I'm exploring 3 possibilities for this meniscus root repair surgery, my local Dr. Elrod, probably the likely choice, the Steadman Clinic at Vail, CO, and the Mayo Clinic that is doing a clinical trial on this exact procedure  (they asked for my MRI after I inquired).  Sooner the better.  Before end of Feb., preferably sooner.

Looking back, I sure did a lot... 103 meets, probably 250+ races.  In a typical track career, most healthy college track athletes would only run 50 - 70 races in a 4 yr track career, running both indoor and outdoor seasons.  I've done triple that, after age 51.  So, a few injuries are to be expected I guess.

When I have a date for surgery, I need to try and get in as good shape as possible going in.

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