Monday, December 10, 2018

rowing and biking

Past two nights I've done the same workout pretty much, and I'm challenging myself to work harder.  Have brought my time down on the rower considerably.

Here's the most recent:

2000m - 8:29 Concept 2 rower 
10 x 15 sec sprints w/ 45 sec rest - Cybex stationary bike 
250 lbs x 50 - glute machine
Abs - inclined situps 

I meet with my doc Wednesday to discuss and perhaps schedule surgery to fix this meniscus. 


  1. Hi Bill: I took 9 months off for a political campaign. Although I did 2 easy runs and deadlifting weekly just for mental health. My first day on the track was yesterday I did 4 x 200 easy striders about 40ish. Very Very sad to read about your knee injury today. Godspeed on your recovery. Theron Gjersvik

  2. Thanks man. I'll miss track if I can't race again, but life is still good.