Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Slowly getting better

I've been doing the Core-X Rehab system for a week now. It's specifically designed for rehab for Athletic Pubalgia. It is quite different from any exercise regime I've done because it involves a lot of thinking and a unique resistance band aparatus connected from the lower thigh to opposing wrist . Paramount is maintaining a 'neutral spine' and tightening the inner core (everything ... the abs, kegel, sphincter) while doing the exercises. Some of the foundation exercises are as simple as turning the torso and progress to marching and running in place. Other exercises use the Swiss Ball which I have ordered. It's deceivingly difficult and fatiguing. See video.

I do feel a difference. I can run in place with no pain but jogging while landing on the heel still hurts a little. Running on the toes is less pain, particularly when tightening the ab. I'm still at least 4 weeks away from any meaningful running or sprinting. It still hurts to simply hold a bent knee hanging ab lift, but I can do full lunges without pain.

In addition, I'm doing stair stepper aerobic machine - every other or 3rd day. I feel very out of shape and weigh about 150 lbs... but I intend to change that soon. I'm hoping to do a big hike on Sun will be having an MRI Monday to rule out any other possible injuries. My next Drs. appointment will be a week from Mon.

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