Monday, August 1, 2011

Awards from the National Masters Championships

2011 USATF National Masters Awards:

Mens 50-54

200 meter dash

400 meter dash



If I had run even my third best time of the season in the 400m (56.09 - which was just one week prior), I would have won a Bronze Medal.

If I had run the same race in the Finals of the 200m that I ran in the semis (25.26), I would have challenged for the Silver Medal, and at least won a Bronze - even if I ran .34 slower.

If I had run the 100m , I could have won a Bronze - since 3rd prize time was just 12.49. I've run 12.26.

Instead, I get these ribbons for some really bad performances ... and the decision to not run the 100m. I ran my slowest 200 and 400 of the season in the National Championship races.


Just tired. A nagging abdominal soreness. Poor mental preparation and lack of focus at the end of the races. Being bothered by very close competition that caused me to lose my composure and over react instead of maintaining form and relaxation. Lack of experience, coaching.

It still really bothers me. If I had a GREAT meet, I could have walked away with 3 medals.

Woulda-coulda-shoulda doesn't cut it. OK... enough whining.

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