Monday, May 15, 2000

About me

I'm a classical guitarist, nature lover, tree hugger.  I earned my Doctorate in classical guitar performance from Florida State University and began a full time tenured position as Music Professor at Middle Tennessee State University, in fall of 1989.  I've performed in 25 states and 10 foreign countries.  (Some sound clips: solo, youtube channel, and with my chamber group).

In 2012, I bought my second home in a wilderness setting in Sewanee, TN, close to a small University where I also teach part time.  The bluff view is awesome.  My career allows me the time and opportunity to do a diversity of activities.  One of those is athletics.  I'm pretty much a loner ... I usually train alone, as a musician and athlete, although I like seeing people.  Other hobbies include travel, boating, swimming, off road motorcycling, mountain and street biking, carpentry, building stuff, taking photos, political commentary, science, and history.   I like documentaries, non-fiction books, and cable news.

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