Sunday, July 31, 2011

Masters National Championships - report

I wish I can say I ended the season on a great note.

I've never been more disappointed in a track meet than I am today - missing a National Medal in the 200m by FIVE - ONE HUNDRETHS SEC. (0.05) to a guy I beat by a half second the day before. I wanted a medal very badly after under-performing in the 400m, but I missed it - painfully, by the slimest of margins.


FOURTH PRIZE - National Masters M50 200m
FIFTH PRIZE - National Masters M50 400m

In general, I ran decent semi-final races and under-performed badly in the Finals.

Anyone reading this blog, don't listen to my advice on how to run a 400m race. I've conclusively proven that I don't know WTF I'm doing. Just because I ran my best time in Raleigh with 25/30 splits, doesn't mean that is the way to do it.

In a nutshell, I took a Fourth Prize and a Fifth Prize in two Masters National Championship races - despite running my slowest times of the season in both races.

The 400m

Semifinal: Lane 5. I took off fast as usual, and ran a 56.55. It was just me and Ben James, the eventual Gold Medalist leading down the stretch with no one behind us. I had the third fastest semifinal time behind J. Chinn and B. James.

Final: Everything was perfect, I had lane 3, it was a cloudy cooler day. I was really pumped and determined to run a PR. I took off at a crazy 100% pace and was leading the race at the 250m mark. I then hit a wall of fatigue at the 300m - so paralyzing - worse than anything I'd ever felt. I was passed by 3 guys in the last 80 meters and ran the slowest time I've ever run in a 400m race... 57.61. One helluva time to run the worst race of my season. Everything was right except my brain. I ran a stupid ass race, a rookie mistake. I could't handle the adrenalin of the moment. I tried too hard, too much too soon. The thing is, I expended just as much effort running a 57+ as I did the previous races that I had run much faster times. The difference was in the timing of when that effort was expended. Too much too soon.... a losing formula. I am proof of that.

Afterward, James Chinn told me, "It's about a rhythm, sometimes you get it just right." George Haywood told me, you need to really take it easy that first 200 and come closer to more even splits. Someone else told me, "the way you run, you could never run that first 200m too slow." My best time was run in 25/30 splits ... but obviously, that doesn't always work.


Semifinal: In lane 6. It felt good, decent start, Ben James and I were even on the curve and I stayed relaxed and drove all the way through the finish in a PR time of 25.26. I kept telling myself to 'relax and stride' before the race. It worked. I wish I had told myself the same thing in the finals.

Finals: I had lane 3 - good lane. I got a good start, ran a good curve. Me, Ben James, and James Chinn were pretty even coming off the turn. I was trying very hard to run fast and with 50m to go, I had a fairly comfortable lead over forth and was in Bronze Medal position. I glanced to to my left and felt Scott gaining on me. With 20m I felt myself beginning to tighten, and then disaster... I slowed and started to get passed, I leaned for the line hard and stumbled in a dive for the finish ... to no avail. I lost my best chance at a National Medal by 0.05 in a time that was 0.40 slower than I had run the day before. Like the 400m final, my worst time of the season: 25.66.

I was really counting my chickens for a medal and I lost it, painfully right at the end. Adding to the bitterness was the fact that this was probably my last best chance for a National Medal. Because of the World Games, many cancelled on the Nationals and many of America's elite masters were not at this meet. Next year, this age group gets even more competitive. I had my chance and I blew it.

It was a learning experience. After some time, I hope to see that a lot was gained from this journey, much more than the '5 one-hundeths of a second loss of a medal' can take away from me. I hope that I will be not discouraged and continue to try and compete. If I wasn't somewhere near the top, I wouldn't give a shit. But being close and under performing when it mattered most is a bitter pill... especially after all those mornings on the track at 4:30 am.

I've got to catch a plane. More later...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Off to the Nationals !!

It's time!

Tomorrow, I go to Cleveland for the United States Track and Field Association Masters National Championships.

Seems appropriate for me that the meet logo contains a guitar.

What a journey it has been. I feel good and ready. My ab soreness has abated somewhat, not disappeared, but certainly not bad. On Sunday morning after the Sat races, I'd rate my ab pain at about a '6' out of 10 (worst). Today, it was about a '3' but after a half mile jog / sprint-jog, lots of dynamic stretches, lunges, hops, and sprinter drills, the pain is down to a '2' and by race time on Thurs, should be nearly gone. My legs are fine. The slight after-race soreness from the past weekend's meet is gone. I'm ready to blast. My weight is good, 138.4. Whatever happens, I would love to at least run a PR.

Today, I changed out my forbidden Christmas tree spikes for the permitted pyramids. Don't want to take any chances on a DQ. The Super X Mondo track is supposed to be spectacular. Lanes have different colors, red and gold. I hope I get a gold lane. (I predict lane 5, which is red).

Looking forward to seeing my parents there. Should be a great experience.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

TN State Finals report

After breaking the 13 yr old State Meet record in the M50 400m (56.09), and winning the 100m into a headwind (12.49), I'm pulling out of the 200m race today with sore abs. I could probably run it in slight pain and easily win, but I have more important business at the Nationals in just four days. If this were the last meet of the season, I'd do it, no hesitation, but when it hurts to get up out of bed and do lunges, that is my criteria for cancelling.

(photo - coming down the stretch in the 400m, 40m ahead of my competition).

I was not satisfied with my performance in the 400. In my last 40 meters, my pace had decayed to almost to a jog. I need to gut it out a bit more and stride. Maybe some competition will help. I won my race by about 40m. Disappointed that I didn't get under 56, let alone 55, but even this relatively weak performance would have made the National Finals just about every year, and even worthy of a medal in 2 of the past 5. Not this year however. I'll be running against the World Champion and some former medalists.

I missed the 100m record (12.32) by 0.17 sec. The old record was hand-timed, so not really a fair comparison. My backup timers hand timed me in 12.19. My electronic time was 12.49 into a headwind. I won the race by about a second.

Anyway, my 'wheels' are fine, no quad or ham issues. But, with this ab strain, I will not be able to get a meaningful workout in before the Nationals. I might try some jogging and drills on Tues, and some swimming.

I hope it works out that I can get this 200m record next year. The old record of 25.7 would be easy to get. I ran 25.34 in my last 200m. It's hard to pass up this opportunity. I almost feel like I shoud go and warm up and then make a decision. Na, better not. It hurts.

I definitely have my race body on, weighing just 136.4 this morning.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Pre race day 7/22/11

The day before the TN Senior Games, I'm thinking .... "it's been a while." I've not run in a track meet for a month, not since the AL Games in Birmingham. The concerns I have are that 1) I'm running the 400 and 100 tomorrow and I've not run anywhere approaching 100% sprint in some time, and 2) the ab soreness persists, although not debilitating. Other than that, I feel pretty good. I've got my race body on, my weight is 137.2 after this morning's workout and I'm ready to blast tomorrow.

I tried to sleep "late" this morning. Out of habit, I was up at 4:30am but managed to get back to sleep until 5:40. I got to the track for a light workout just after 6am.

1200m warm up, sprint-jog, dynamic stretches, drills

Nike spikes on

2 x 100m striders

10 starts with recorded commands on the curve with 50m run

2 x 100 striders on the curve

300m at 85%

training shoes on

400m cool down and stretches

I had to remind myself that running a 400m sprint is a bitch, no matter how much training, so I did that last 300m fairly fast. Didn't bring my watch but I think it was about 60 pace for a 400. I was also reminded of how tiring my warmup is. Jogging/sprint-jogging a half mile, doing 150+ leg swings, stretches, drills, etc... Never fails to get me soaked.

Also, it seems as I may have solved the breaking spike riser problem. I put 3 coats of super glue on the one that breaks and so far it has stood up in practice. So, I coated several.

I'm going to visit the track tonight and register if I get there before 6. I'm curious to see if there is any sign of an electronic timing system. Forecast for tomorrow is mid 90sº, heat index 105º. Not like I haven't seen that before at a meet .

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Starts and strides

Today in Sewanee, I got to the track later in the morning and it was already in the 80's by 8 am.

I wanted to be fully warmed up and 'exercise the aerobic system' a little before doing starts, but nothing hard. Unfortunately, the abs are still sore.

400m warmup

800m run - 3:00 min

80m strider w/ high knees

spikes on

150m strider on the turn

12 starts with recorded commands

I went to the track feeling a little tight and fatigued, but I left feeling good, strong and sweaty. Hopefully the abs will be better by Sat.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

End of season intervals

Nice morning, 72º. The track was wet from sprinklers but the humidity was fairly low.

I wasn't feeling super good this morning at the track at 5:10 am. My calves were sore from the 100+ heal raises with weight I did on Sun and the speed work from Mon. My abs still a bit sore also. However, after warmup, it got better ... as it always does. I normally would have waited a day for this workout, but I wanted to get it in so I have recovery time for the upcoming meets.

800m warmup, dynamic stretches, drills

Adidas spikes on

75-80% sprints:
6 x 200m - one minute rest in between - 31 avg.

85% sprints:
300m - 43
200m - 29

Spira training shoes on

400m sprint jog and backpeddling

The 200s were surprisingly hard, I was really puffing before starting the last one and I thought I could get 8, but no way. I rested 5 min and then reminded myself how to run fast with a 300m. I followed it up with a relaxed 200m emphasizing form.

Well, that's a wrap. I always think I could have done more. The rest will be mental and technical. I'll do my usual stretching , drills and one set high rep resistance bands Wed. Technique and starts on Thurs and Fri.

Weight is 139.

Whatever happens, its been quite a journey.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sprinter's summer stew

Satisfying, delicious stew, very low in calories and carbs but good protein. Since I'm harvesting a half dozen or more tomatoes a day, and my basil plant is bushy, here you have an awesome fresh seafood stew - garden fresh. The whole pot is about 250 calories. And... its so easy.

  • One mahi-mahi filet (4 oz)
  • 5 fresh homegrown tomatoes, chopped
  • 5 cloves garlic, chopped
  • teaspoon of Better than Bouillon clam base in 6 oz water
  • a stuffed handfull of fresh basil from the garden, chopped

Boil 10 min. I also throw in a handful of shelled pumpkin seeds.

It doesn't get much fresher than this.

Eat well, live strong, sprint fast.

Speed workout - 7/18/11

Up at 4:30, at the track at 5. Was a nice cool dry morning for the heart of summer, 73º. It is the first day of an impending heat wave and warming trend supposed to carry through the week with very little chance of rain.

Today, quality rather than quantity. Since I bought a new pair of Nike R3 Superfly shoes, I decided to use the old ones to do my speed workout since it does feel different running on the risers. These are great shoes. They seem to be the shoe of choice for many great sprinters.

I want to be cautious and not strain anything this week, so I started cautiously and worked up.

800m warmup, dynamic stretches and drills

sprints: out of blocks or down position

at 70%

at 80%
100m - 14

at 90%
200m - 26.5

at 90-95%
300m - 41.5

400m - 57.5

200m - 26.5

Even with abundant recovery, I started feeling the sickly quiverys after the 400 so I cut the workout a bit short. Plus, a girls soccer camp showed up just before my 400m and innundated the finish line where my bag and water was so I couldn't drink after my 400.

Tomorrow, I'll scale back the speed and do more endurance repeats.

I used my Macbook Pro's 'Garage Band' program to record several start commands in which I used a loud hand clap for 'the gun.' I put them on CD and will take a small cd player with me to the track Thurs and Fri to practice my gun starts.

Weight is 139.2 after workout. The abs still a little sore but not bad.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Last week of training for the season

I decided to do resistance today, but no ass kicking plyos. This high rep work has proved a necessary injury deterrent. I really need to work on blocks and technique this week.

I think I'll structure it something like this:

Mon 7/18 - speed work
Tue 7/19 - endurance intervals
Wed 7/20 - resistance
Thurs 7/21 - blocks and technique, light speed work
Fri 7/22 - ditto, no sprints over 80%
Sat 7/23 - 400m and 100m race - TN meet
Sun 7/24 - 200m race - TN meet
Mon 7/25 - rest, stretching, drills
Tues 7/26 - light speed endurance workout
Wed 7/27 - rest, travel
Thurs 7/28 - 400m Nationals

Thoughts on the Nationals...
I was looking at the entry list of M50 400m. Many have run in World and National meets, some have been involved in Masters track for many years. Some of these guys are recent World and National medalists. Several names that didn't submit seed times I looked up to find in the finals of previous world meets. There will be no taking it easy for the prelims if I hope to have a chance to make the finals.

On the State Meet...
But first, I have to get through this TN meet, healthy and with some state records and hopefully a PR or 2. I'm surprised that the TN Senior Olympics hasn't produced an athlete's list yet, they are definitely late considering the meet starts in less than a week. I wanted to see if I would have any competition. As far as I know, there isn't anyone, certainly from last year's results. But there's always the possibility of an unknown new person, like me, that could show. Not real likely. I already raced last years winners. The forecast is for a brutally hot day, near 100º which will make the black track slow and mushy. That's OK. My only issue about the TN State Meet records is that many of them are old 'hand timed' marks, harder to beat with FAT. For example, the 400m record is simply listed as "57" ... not even a decimal point, the 200m is "25.7." They date from '97 and '98. It looks like FAT became standard in '99. I really hope they don't screw up the timing. That is the only reason I'm running.

Weight is hanging around 140. Would like to be 138 by race time. I'm fairly sure I've added a pound or 2 of muscle this season so 138 will probably be good, around 9-10% body fat I estimate.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The difference a day (off) makes

Up at 4:28 and on the Dean Hayes track at 4:55. It was 74º with a light breeze and cloudy, less humid than previous mornings, felt pretty good. Compared to Thursday in Sewanee, the whole workout felt good. It was supposed to be an endurance workout but it felt much easier than previous intervals. Maybe I gave myself too much rest.

800m warmup, stretches, drills

80% sprints:

6 x 300 - with 3 min rest in between: 48, 46, 46, 47, 47.5, 46.5

2 x 200 - with 200 walk in between: 28, 30

It only felt sickly hard on that last 300. The 200s I ran for form and relaxation. I left the workout at 5:50am feeling good.... not a sickly quivering mess like on Thursday where I ran almost half as much. However, there is a big difference between running at 80% like today, and 90% as I did Thurs. The day off made a huge difference. Yesterday, on my "day off" I still did a half mile jog, upper body, dynamic stretches and drills. Just enough to work up a sweat.

Weight is nominal: 139.2 I will be very careful about my diet these next 10 days. Sprinting is like drag racing .... and drag race cars have small gas tanks to keep weight to a minimum.

I may do a brief speed workout tomorrow.

In the Masters Track World ...

Michael Sullivan ran a sick time in the World meet M50 400 semis - 51.93. He's very close to the American record. I don't know what I was thinking... running the M50 400. For some reason, the M50 400 is THE most competitive sprint event at the world games... with 10 heats. TEN! More than any other age group.

I still kick myself for not entering the 100m at the Nationals. I just feel I might be able to spring one under 12 some day. I've seen masters athletes like Sullivan and Drummond improve from the previous year, despite being in their 40s or 50s. Already looking ahead to next season ... the Masters National Indoor meet will be within driving distance on Indiana U's beautiful super-X Mondo track with banked curves. I'll bet my times will improve from this past season ... if I don't get slovenly.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


OK, maybe I have been over training: running 3 of the last 4 days, and on the "day off" busting my butt with plyometrics (6 x 15) and resistance (4 x 50 - ham and quad). By the time I started my workout Thursday morning, I hadn't yet begun to get sore from the 75 leaps + lunges + resistance I had done the evening before. Combine that with a bad nights sleep (Iska's dog barking), some draining amorous activity, 1200m of 90% sprints at 5am ... I was pretty whooped by Thurs afternoon and feelin' it. My glutes and abs are sore and it looks like I need to take a day off.

Looking at the great Masters sprinter Oscar Peyton's training blog, his running workouts during July before the Nationals were really pretty minimal, but he is a 100/200 guy. Even so, he usually ran just 3 or 4 days a week, did resistance on off days. His running workouts were usually no more than 5 or 6 sprints totalling no more than 700 meters. I did 2400m of sprints on Mon, 1800m Tues, plyos Wed, and 1200m today along with some striders.

I think maybe one more serious endurance workout, then taper.... and then work on form, technique, starts, and power.

I want those state meet records and I will run the TN State Meet. I've never lived my life cautiously. I like track meets and that meet will be a good dress rehearsal for the Nationals, and my last chance of the season to run the 100m. Not an opportunity to pass up.

I'm kicking myself for not running the 100 at the Nationals. I should have signed up for it, I could have scratched later. My chances for making the finals in the 100 in the Nationals would have been better than in the 200.

Whatever, I need to be ready to bring my 'A-Game' to both meets if I want the records and to make the finals at the Nationals.

So, Friday I'll just do my usual pre workout warmup with stretches and drills, but not any running.

Sprints on the mountain

I was looking forward to training up here on the Cumberland Plateau in Sewanee, TN at the University of the South's Coughlan Track. It was about 70 and much less humid than it was earlier in the week at MTSU. After a poor night of sleep, just a few hours, I was up at 4:30 and at the track at 4:45. It was still dark and I was surprised to see an elderly woman walking on the track. The sight of a shirtless guy in tights coming on to the track scared her away quickly and I was happy to have the track to myself.

Without the benefit of my usual morning hot tub, I did an extended warmup, since this would be a speed workout today. 90% effort 300s, and 200s with recovery.

1200m warmup, dynamic stretches and drill.

100m strider

spikes on

100m strider

sprints at 90% effort:

2 x 300m - 43, 44

3 x 200m - 28, 27, 27

100m strider on the curve

It was not a great work out. I felt I should have done more and I seemed to fatigue sooner than usual. I was going to do one more 200 but my ab started hurting and I backed off. I don't think I'm over training. Yesterday late afternoon, although I didn't do a track workout, I did a jog, my usual warmup drills followed by a good resistance workout, plyometric leaps, and lunges with weight. Maybe that combined with a poor nights sleep limited my workout today.

Contemplating what I should do tomorrow for endurance. Maybe some 500s?

My weight is good, 138.6

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday sunrise sweat - endurance intervals

I took this photo just before leaving the track at 5:55 after my workout. It's going to be a hot one today.

At 4:30 am it was 79º and terribly humid. On the track at 4:55, the air was still and heavy; the sprinkler system on the field just added to the humidity. After my warmups I started a long sprint workout of 400m intervals at 80% speed. Today I took 3 min rest and increased the speed. My goal was to run all under 70. I failed. So then I ran some faster 200 intervals with a 200 walk in between.

800m warmup, dynamic stretches drills

spikes on

long sprints at 80% with 3 min rest in between:

4 x 400m - 66, 66, 69, 72

at 85-90% with a 200m walk in between:

4 x 200m - 28.5, 27, 27.5, 29

On the 200s, I concentrated on form and relaxation. The 400s were hard. About halfway through #3 I started getting the feeling of being tortured and suffocated. I persevered and started my 4th 400 with 3 min rest, my heart rate was over 130 when I started the last 400m.

Next workouts on Thurs and Friday I plan to shorten the distance to 300s, 200s, 100s, and pick up the speed. No running tomorrow, lower body resistance. Actually, I've been doing a bit of upper body and ab resistance daily.

Body weight is finally back below 140 after workout: 139.6.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday morning speed work 7/11/11

These are the hottest days of the year in Middle TN. So, in an effort to beat the heat, I was up at 4:13 am and on the Dean Hayes track at 4:40 am. It was still night time, completely dark, I looked at the thermometer, still 77º and quite humid. Oh well, it won't be getting any cooler.

Today I ran fast long sprints at 85-95% effort with full recovery. The 400s, usually starting at 85% effort and finishing at 90-95%. I'm amazed how difficult just 6 sprints were today. I really had to convince myself to run that 3rd 400.

800m warmup, dynamic stretches, drills

spikes on

3 x 400m - 59, 60.5, 62

3 x 200m - 30.5, 28, 28

I sat down after the last 400 and tightened up a bit so I ran my first 200 cautiously.

I'm going to try to get 7 more good running workouts this season before the championship meets. I'm going to pair speed workouts followed by endurance workouts on consecutive days and resistance on non running days that may include stairs or plyos. I did some good lower body resistance yesterday. This high rep resistance I credit for keeping me relatively injury free these past few months. My ab issue I can still feel but it is fading and no longer significant. The hanging leg raises have been really helpful.
Tomorrow, I'll do more 400 repeats then decrease the distance and increase the speed on subsequent workouts.

In the Masters Track World.....

I've been enjoying watching the results of the World Masters Championship meet in Sacramento this week. I should have been at this meet. I may have been able to make the finals in some events.

The amazing 50 yr old Willie Gault won the M50 100m handily in 10.96 - fastest time in any age group. (Atlanta's Ken Eaton was his nearest competitor in 11.60). He could have won the world championship in the Mens 35, 40, and 45 age groups. Amazing... age 50. (...and he eats a vegetarian diet with occasional fish). He definitely looks not a day older than 30.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dark and early 7/8/11, endurance intervals

I'm officially back in full force and next workout, I'll be ready to run fast. Today, an endurance interval workout, and then some.

Up at 4:40am, I saw an approaching storm front was coming, so I got to the track by 5:05, well before sunrise. The sky in the west looked ominous, it was 72º, humid but a breeze was blowing.

This was Bill's Birthday Ballbuster:

800m warmup, dynamic stretches, drills

spikes on

sprints at 75% with 2 min rest in between

4 x 400m - 68, 67, 72, 76

5 min rest

sprints at 80-85% with 5 min rest between

400m - 65

2 x 200m - 29, 28

Before I started the last 400 in the first set, I was still breathing pretty hard. It was a hard last 200. The slow pace of these intervals, while exhausting, wasn't very satisfying so I rested 5 min and did a faster set. I was done with these 2400m of sprints before 6:00 am.

The ab issue is diappearing. I got my hanging ab straps and doing leg lifts actually makes my abs feel better. I wish I had gotten these at the beginning of the season.

After 3 good workouts in 3 days, it's time for a day off tomorrow. I don't seem to be be sore from the stadium stairs yesterday, maybe just a little tight in the calves.

The weight gain from the week off is coming down, 140.6 after workout.

I'll be doing resistance Sun, speed work Mon. That's the plan for now.

I'm going to enjoy this rainy morning...

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Stairs = strength

Up at 5am, walked into Johnny Floyd Stadium at 5:40, just after sunrise.

Twice around the football field for a warmup, dynamic stretches and a few drills, then up...

60m stair runs x 21

Unlike other stair runs I've done, no rest at the top or bottom, just walk down. This (21) is the most I've done, we'll see if I'm sore.

I'll do some upper body resistance later today and some swimming.

Still heavy, 142.6 this morning, coming down slowly. The ab continues to improve. Hope to do an endurance workout tomorrow and rest Sat.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back on track 7/6/11

After a day off (7/5), I was up at 4:40am to return to the track. After the hot tub and juice, I did some stretching to target the abs and groin.

I got to the track at 5am, well before sunrise. It was 72º and placid. I saw my neighbor Steve on the street running with a few guys on my way... bringing back memories of those 5k days.

I ran a 3 lap warmup and immediately felt the ab, it wasn't bad and it got better with each lap. I decided it's time for an endurance workout since I was not ready to sprint fast.

1200 warmup, dynamic stretches, drills

spikes on

sprints @ 60%

100m strider

4 x 400m - 2 min rest in between: 72,69, 73, 78

I could have run this in training shoes but I think the spikes allow me to run more on my toes with better form. I was strict with the rest time and by the 4th 400, I was breathing hard at the start.
I was going to also run the stadium stairs today but this workout was hard since I am out of shape and heavy - about 143. The ab feels fine, I really feel nearly recovered and should be 100% by next week. I may do stadium stairs tomorrow and run faster on Fri. I am encouraged. These next few weeks are important and need to be handled carefully, balancing - recovery from the injury, and pushing the training to a higher level.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Better but not good

Very light running workout today ... first in a week. Can still feel the ab strain ...but it's better.

Starting with a 400m jog, I could feel it every step, but after doing dynamic stretches and drills, it felt better.

In training shoes on the street:

400m warm up, stretches and drills


3 x 100m sprint jog

300m sprint jog

400m sprint jog up a hill

It hurts to run fast, so I can tell it will be days before a speed workout. The only warm up drill that hurts is single leg hops. Strangely, running stairs does not hurt, it's only the violent full stretch of sprinting that causes pain. I can't run comfortably faster than 50% sprint, but it's enough to get a good sweat going. I think by the end of the week I should be able to do 75% endurance workouts, maybe full speed by next week.

The nature of this injury is strange. My 'wheels' are fine. If I had to, I could race tomorrow with some moderate pain. I know there has been some improvement because 2 days ago I could not do a right lunge without significant pain. Today I did several with only slight pain.

I know exactly when this injury occured. It was my first 200 on 6/23, 2 days before the Birmingham meet - 11 days ago. It obviously didn't affect my performance much since I had a season best 12.26 100m. I must have really made it much worse with the Monday speed workout last week. I underestimated the injury.... could be a lot worse.

I've had a week off and I'll be cautiously getting back to it this week.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Reluctantly taking time off - no running

It's Friday evening and I had hoped to get a running workout in tomorrow. No way. I just thought I'd try a light jog this evening but... it hurts to even do that. Looks like I'll shoot for Monday. Weights and pool in the meantime.

USATF Masters deadline #1 has passed. The 'late deadline' is July 11. So far, sixteen 400m and the same number of 200m entrants. Hope it stays this way and they have just 2 heats.

Going out of town for 3 days of socializing, music, and fun... GFA in Columbus, and 4th of July in Sewanee. I'm hoping Monday or Tues morning to be back.