Monday, July 18, 2011

Speed workout - 7/18/11

Up at 4:30, at the track at 5. Was a nice cool dry morning for the heart of summer, 73º. It is the first day of an impending heat wave and warming trend supposed to carry through the week with very little chance of rain.

Today, quality rather than quantity. Since I bought a new pair of Nike R3 Superfly shoes, I decided to use the old ones to do my speed workout since it does feel different running on the risers. These are great shoes. They seem to be the shoe of choice for many great sprinters.

I want to be cautious and not strain anything this week, so I started cautiously and worked up.

800m warmup, dynamic stretches and drills

sprints: out of blocks or down position

at 70%

at 80%
100m - 14

at 90%
200m - 26.5

at 90-95%
300m - 41.5

400m - 57.5

200m - 26.5

Even with abundant recovery, I started feeling the sickly quiverys after the 400 so I cut the workout a bit short. Plus, a girls soccer camp showed up just before my 400m and innundated the finish line where my bag and water was so I couldn't drink after my 400.

Tomorrow, I'll scale back the speed and do more endurance repeats.

I used my Macbook Pro's 'Garage Band' program to record several start commands in which I used a loud hand clap for 'the gun.' I put them on CD and will take a small cd player with me to the track Thurs and Fri to practice my gun starts.

Weight is 139.2 after workout. The abs still a little sore but not bad.

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