Monday, February 29, 2016

event runs - split 400s

Decent final hard workout before Nationals.  Beautiful day in Sewanee, sunny 64º light breeze.  I dragged out the blocks for some event runs/split 400s from the 400m start.   Split 400s are out of the Clyde Hart book: run 300m at race pace, rest one min., run 100m.
Saucony trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 50m striders 
Puma spikes on 
300m +100m w/ 1 min rest  - from blocks - 40.25, 14.5 
300m +100m w/ 1 min rest -  from blocks - 40.5, 14.5 
200m - 26
I hit all my 100 splits within a meter - 13/13/14.  The second one seemed easier than the first and I again experienced that 'delayed fatigue' phenomenon that I see when I'm in shape... the fatigue and heavy breathing sets in about 10-15 seconds after I stop at the end of a 300m.  I sometimes think it would hurt less or the same to carry right on to 400m.   

Anyway, I think I'm ready.  My cold seems to be with me, but subsiding... of course I've been saying that for a long time now it seems.  Weight is good and I'm as fit as I can get right now.  

Sunday, February 28, 2016

light speed

Wasn't going to workout today, the cold still lingering.  But it was so nice today, I did a light workout and felt better afterward.  The cold always seems to come back at night.

Sunny, 61º and windy at the Sewanee track.  I wasn't feeling like a hard workout today, think I'll do one more tomorrow before Nationals, then a light workout on Wednesday.  
Saucony trainers on 
2 x 200m w/ 1 min rest - 29, 29 
Puma spikes on 
5 x 50m from blocks 
100m from blocks -12.5
Almost stayed to run a hard 300m, but decided to wait til tomorrow.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

quick n crisp

Low volume / high speed today at the Sewanee track, as the weather is beautiful.  54º and sunny.   I am finally getting over the cold and feeling better after a short empowering workout.

Planning on 4 consecutive track days to take advantage of this weather, so I'm keeping it light and haven't yet spiked up.
Saucony trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 300m with 8 min rest - 41.5, 42.5 
200m - 26.25
I'm surprised I ran this fast today, didn't expect to go under 42 with training shoes and a slight head wind on the home stretch in these 300s (straight-curve-straight).  The first one was about 57 pace. They weren't exactly intended to be 'event runs' as I set my timer for 14 sec even splits or 42.  I try for 13-13-14 splits in event runs.   My final 200m felt strong with good turnover the whole way.

143 lbs after workout.

Going back tomorrow. Maybe do a last 4x200 tempo workout.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Back on the track after 2 days of bad weather and illness.  Still fighting off a cold, have been for a while now.  The weather looks good for final training before Nationals.  Available days Sat-Mon and Wed are all expected to be clear and not too cold.   Since I'll be doing some consecutive days on the track, I'll be keeping the volume down and replacing the tempo workouts with speed.

Mid 40s and sunny today, light cross breeze.
Saucony trainers on  
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 300m w/ 2 min rest - 47.5, 48.5, 51, 52
Be back out tomorrow, probably in spikes for some speed.  Drinking a lot of juice and vitamins.  Will do some prehab tonight.

In general, have been doing more tempo than speed this season.   I think it helps my consistency as my last 3 400s have all been 55.9.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Brief workout

I've been fighting off a cold for weeks now it seems.  Last night, and this morning, had fever and chills.   Didn't sleep well, but after a nap, I felt much better.  I probably have over trained a bit ... 2 consecutive days in the weight room, huge tempo workout yesterday on the track.  Looking at 2 days of rain and colder temps coming up, so what does one do on a sick day after beating themselves up the day before?  Go to the track, of course.

Similar to yesterday, mid 50s drizzle, light breeze in Sewanee.  Was a bit achy during warmups, but felt better after the machine was warm and ready.
Saucony trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
50m strider 
100m on grass - 14 
400m even split - 60.5
The home stretch of the 400m was into the wind and it probably prevented me from going 60 or below.  I kept it light today because I usually don't do 2 track days in a row, but with bad weather coming, I got out while the gettin' was good.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Volume tempo 600s 400s 200s

Good day to train in Sewanee, 57º with light drizzle - shirtless weather for me.  I was a bit nervous before this workout because I knew it would be a bitch.  Foot feeling ok, but I geared up with extra socks for cushion.  Nothing fast today, just endurance / volume / foundation... my long to short cycle to gear up for Nationals, just 11 days away.

Saucony trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
600, 600, 400, 400 w/ 3 min rest - 1:50, 1:57, 82, 75 
10 min rest 
4 x 200m w/ 1 min rest - 31, 33, 33, 31

Yes, it was a bitch.  I originally was going to do 3 x 600m with 3 min rest but I bailed after 400m in my third run, dragging in the 400 in 82.  So, I did my 3 min rest and ran a fourth sprint, another 400m, a bit faster in 75.   The last time I did 600m tempo, I took 6 min rest.  I actually packed up and was about to leave after the 600/400 intervals but I stuck it out to run a 4x200m set, without full recovery in between sets.

Did glutes and hams last night in the weight room, will do hip flexors and core tonight.  Track Wednesday.

I guess that slice of NY cheesecake at my hotel after the race didn't affect me too much.   I'm getting lean and mean, about 143 after workout.  I was tested however at the airport... I had a 2 1/2 hour wait and my gate was right next to Ben and Jerry's... I opted for yogurt.   (Actually, eating ice cream is preferable to cereal, bread, rice, pasta, cake, cookies, muffins, pastry, potatoes, etc... it's those starchy carbs that put on the fat and make you soft).

Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Millrose experience

I knew the tradition, the history, but I didn't know just how much I'd see.  Didn't know just how much I'd be immersed in it.   The Armory isn't really 'an armory' per se ... it is the 'Amory Track and Field Center.'  A far cry from the assembled 160m wooden track they used to use at Madison Square Garden for 80 yrs, or for the Mason Dixon Games at Broadbent Arena. THIS was a permanent indoor track and field stadium with a nice fast high-banked Mondo track.

View from above

And... the history was everywhere... a museum of track and field with photos going back 100+ yrs to the days they ran on a board track on the roof of Wanamaker's Dept store warehouse in Manhattan (origin name of the famous "Wanamaker Mile"), through the decades to the modern era.

Track and Field History

It was quite a classy affair, with all the officials dressed in black suits and ties, VIP trackside buffets and wine bars, meeting rooms filled with well dressed people, rows and rows of media tables, television cameras, NBC staff, former Olympians and champions of the sport, and... the elite competitors.

VIP Buffet

Unfortunately, the printed program was messed up ... my name was not mentioned, and the rest of the guys were listed under the wrong team name.

Race Preparations
All the competitors were allowed to hang out at trackside on the back stretch.  I was at the end of the back stretch, near the 60m finish and the polevault pit.  I got to warm up a bit on the track, a red Mondo with the highest banks I've seen.  Unlike Birmingham, even lane one is banked.   Our 4x400m relay team - Greater Philadelphia Track Club - posed for a picture on the track.  We got our bibs and reported to the 'stable' below 30 min before.   Then, we walked up the stairs 'race ready' to the staging area to get our numbers and line up.

GPTC M50 4x400m Millrose team: Ray Parker, William Yelverton, Scott Landis, John Curtis

The Race
I knew the SWS team would be the team to beat, defending champions, American record holders.  They ran the M50s and M60s teams together, I was stuck up on the bank, the forward upper stagger with 2 other guys (in a staggered waterfall start).  I beat my group easily and led down the bank.   Was surprised to see Getulio pass me on the turn and lead at the break.  He ended up running 2 seconds faster than last yr, a 54.70 split to my 55.97.  He had me by about 10m at the first exchange.  I really didn't think he was that fast, then again, he's a world champion 400m hurdler, he ran 52.9 last season.  We continued to lose ground as Marcus ran a blazing 54.40 split against Ray's 57.37 on second leg.  We lost by almost 7 seconds to the SWS who broke a 13 yr old M50 World Indoor Record.   I was the oldest person of the top 2 teams but had the fastest split, on my team.   Our splits were 55.97, 57.37, 57.48, 56.05.   The following photos from my leg first lap.  Looking at the race clock on the USATF TV video, my handoff was completed when the clock said 55.4.  It was an OK leg.  Happy to have run with a great bunch of guys.  Thanks to Chuck who picked me up and returned me to my hotel.

Staggered waterfall start

Leading on the back stretch

Just before the break

Just after the break

The SWS World Record time was 3:39.88 - they averaged 54.97 sec per leg - faster than my outdoor PR.  They might have even run faster if David, SWS anchor didn't have to lap the old guys.  Of course all of them are in the age group below mine - M50.  They broke their American record of 3:43 from last year by a lot.  SWS time was even faster than the M55 outdoor World Record - 3:40.62.

Our time was still fast... 3:46.84.  The previous American club record before SWS broke it last yr was 3:47.  Almost two seconds faster than our American Record M55 team ran in France - 3:48.33.

Since this was the first year the Masters 4x400 at Millrose was considered to be a "Masters Invitational Event" affiliated with USATF, unlike previous years, USATF only supplied medals for the First Place winners.  Mark, the guy in charge of this program said that this was because "they wanted the medals to really mean something" ... since some of divisions had just 4 or so entries... most teams would 'medal'.   It's OK, I have plenty of medals, but a silver would have been nice.

The Meet
This was a meet with many different levels - World Elite to kids.  From my vantage point, I spent much of the time during the meet sitting by the track on the end of the back stretch, track at chin level unless I stood.  I saw Olympic Champion Ashton Eaton sprint down the back stretch warming up.  He then stopped his warmup, picked up a stack of hurdles and helped set up the hurdles for the women's elite 60m hurdles race.   This was Allyson Felix's first Millrose in over a decade and she was racing NCAA Champion Jenna Prandini in one of her first pro races.  Allyson won convincingly in 7.14.  I got this photo as she walked by, bouquet in hand.   What long and beautiful legs she has.  This was the first race I had been at where the starting blocks were wired with sensors and speakers, like they have at most major international championship meets.

Allyson Felix
Afterward, I watched the women's 5000m race.  Molly Huddle led most of the way and on he last lap was nipped by Betsy Saina, losing by just over 1/10 second after 25 laps of the track.   I was surprised at how muscular and attractive Huddle looked in person... for a distance runner.
Molly Huddle

The men's elite 400m race I captured on video.   Since the runners raced in lanes on the first lap, the lane 6 runner - US Champion David Verburg would pass inches from my face.  Check out the video to see my view.

I saw Dwayne Solomon win the 800m elite in 1:47.5.  (Too bad MTSU's Eluid Rutto hadn't run, he could have won it... as he just ran 1:46 last week).

The women's 800m elite race was also a helluva race.  Ajee Wilson nipping Brenda Martinez by 0.05 at the tape.

Also saw a 16' women's polevault - one of the highest in history and a Greek National record.

The trademark event that closes the meet during the NBC televised broadcast is the men's Wanamaker Mile.  I saw Matt Centrowitz defend his title, running a 3:50.63.   I got this photo of him below celebrating with the crowd as I walked by.  My brother called me during this race and since I couldn't hear him with the noise, I put it on Facetime and showed him the race from my view.

Matt after winning the Wanamaker Mile

Chuck suggested we go eat at Coogan's on Broadway.  Wow, I never knew a place like this existed.  Only in NYC.  It was a 'track and field pub.'   Track uniforms lined the ceiling, famous singlets enshrined in frames, track shoes, batons, photos everywhere lined the walls.  It was track and field heaven.  We got a table for our team and track and field 'royalty' was everywhere.  Olympians at every other table.  Dwight Stones sitting next to us.  Leo Manzano shaking the the hand of the new HS mile record holder - 3:57 miler Drew Hunter, Eamonn Coghlan posing for photos with former Wanamaker mile Champions.  Every time a champion or olympian would enter the room, the enthusiastic owner would call a toast.  It was unbelievable.


Eamonn Coghlan poses with Drew Hunter in his new Oregon jersey, Dwight Stones applauds
Berard Lagat's singlet on the wall - top right

Olympic Silver Medalist Leo Manzano with Drew Hunter
A nice NYT article came out on the Millrose today, even mentions Coogan's pub. Check it out.
Also, this article from NBC.

HERE is our race video.

I took a guilty pleasure in mentioning on FB that our M50 relay team ran 2 seconds faster than the Sewanee College men's 4x400m team did last Saturday (my local DIII University).

It was a great experience and well worth my time. Glad I went.

Now, on to training and the Nationals.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Pre race day

Out on the Dean Hayes track for a very light workout, sunny 62º but very windy.  I didn't want to do much but one event run and some 'starts.'
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Puma spikes on 
300m event run - 42 
With a very hard wind (15-20 mph sustained) blowing up the home stretch, 42 was all I could muster for a 300m race pace.  

Since I will lead off tomorrow at the Millrose Games in the Masters 4x400m for the GPTC, I practiced my standing start - since I know there will be a 'circus' waterfall start and I need to get out fast.   If SWS brings all their fast guys for another WR attempt (they set the WR last yr at this meet), I doubt I can beat their leadoff guy but maybe I can handoff to Ray in second.  I need to get out in the top 2 or 3 if not first.  

I found a way to get an effective start by putting my right hand down, left foot on the line.   But, the rules are foggy in this.   Randall, a USATF official for many years says I can start anyway I want as long as I'm behind the line.   Keith, MTSU track coach says you can't put your hand down for a waterfall start.  Well, I'm going to do it unless they tell me other wise... without blocks and lanes, it's already not in compliance with the USATF rules on 4x400m relays, so they should at least give us freedom to start the way we want.  It'll probably be a fast gun.

We race at around 1pm eastern, noon central.  Watch live on USATF TV.

The elites will be on at 4 pm eastern on NBC sports network.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tempo 300s / 200s

Overcast and 40º at the wet Dean Hayes track today.  Since there was almost no wind, that means t-shirt weather.   I did the usual tempo 300s but it felt hard today.  Probably because my first one was too fast.   For these workouts, I feel better if my second rep is fastest.   Did my stretches in the heated mens room.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 300m w/2 min rest - 47, 49, 51, 53 
2 x 200m - 27.5, 27.5
I did the 200s from a standing start with a beep command.   I wanted these to be event run 400m pace but they were a bit slow.  Wore 2 pairs of socks today for cushion as my trainers are almost worn out.  I want to look into custom orthotics for my shoes, they always wear very uneven.  However, they are expensive.   $325 for exam/custom orthotic inserts.

The reason I started from a standing start is that I may be leading off at the Masters 4x400m relay at the Millrose Games in NYC on Saturday with GPTC, and I found out that they are running the M50 and M60 sections together.   Like a circus sideshow... don't know why I'm doing this, we will not be running in lanes, not using blocks and it will be 'fight-the-crowd crazy waterfall start' like Penn Relays.   I really wish they'd run these 4x400 relays per USATF rules, rather than like a circus.  I guess I need to practice my standing start.   It's really an invitation to go out too fast.   

I'll probably go out and do a 300m event run on Friday before I leave.  Weight is ok - 144 after workout.  

Monday, February 15, 2016

worst weather workout

I got it in.  The heavy rain in Sewanee gave way to a light rain and I hit the track.   Thinking it would be a trickle, it was not.   A light rain driven by a biting wind in 37º temperatures felt more like a moderate rain.   I didn't even run my usual warmup lap, just sheltered from the wind under the bleachers, did my stretches, set my timer, whipped off my sweats, and went.   Only lane 6 was fully available because of snow still on the track.   The stiff wind up the homestretch made it difficult to run fast, but I got a 4x400 tempo workout done.
Saucony trainers on 
Stretches, drills 
4 x 400m w/ 2min rest - 73, 71, 74, 76
No fast times but it actually felt good (when it was over) and empowering.   No problem with my foot.  I didn't put a maximum effort in but it was what I needed after a weekend of eating bread and ice cream.   Not too much damage.  145.4 after workout.  The stiff wind and rain gave me an ear ache but it went away when I got warm.  

Did weights and 2 x 1000m at 4:00 min yesterday on the rower.  Going back tonight to do more.  I think the 500m rower sprints at 1:50 are a better over all workout.  Feel it more in the glutes.

miserable day

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Meet Report - Vanderbilt Music City day 2

No gain on my previous season mark, but an ok showing in the 400m.


Disappointing compared to last year's PR on this track.   Again the difference I think was more in execution than fitness.

400m race
I had inside lane which meant I ran behind three evenly matched 51-52 guys.  I found it a bit hard to maintain my race plan with the 3 guys in a pack 10-15m ahead on the back stretch at the 250m mark.  As a result, I rigged a bit at the end.  I was nervous before the race, thinking I might perform badly.   Not feeling real confident.   But my time was still the the fastest M55 indoor 400m in the World almost 2 yrs, it was my 5th fastest indoor 400m.   55.97 is psychologically better than 56+.  Felt pretty drained afterward.

One thing I haven't done enough of are 300m event runs.   I can only do about 3 of them in a workout at race pace and they are hard on my foot if I do them in spikes.    Before the World meet, I had my pace down so I knew exactly how to hit that 300m mark at target ~ 40 sec.

I hung out with Greg a bit after our race,  a freshman walk-on from MTSU - he ran a season best 51.64.

With Greg after our race - go MTSU

Lagging behind the pack at the 230m mark

Anyway, I have 3 weeks before Nationals, Millrose next Saturday, and then 2 weeks to get ready.  No major injuries or physical issues. This week looks bad for weather on Monday so I'll probably do weights and suffer through some rowing.  In some ways, hard rowing is as hard as track intervals if done with strong effort.  It gets the glutes.  There might be a break in the rain to train Tues, but I could just train Wed and Friday.  Normally don't train the day before a meet but for a relay (that we have no chance to win), I think I'll just look at it as an event run.  We will definitely get our splits timed.  If I had to do it over, I would not go to Millrose, but like Penn Relays, good to do once.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Meet Report - Vanderbilt Music City day 1

I forgot how to run a 200m.

I did what I always used to do and went out too fast.   I knew at the end when I was tying up that I blew it.  I can't run a 200m like a 100m.   If I had just relaxed and not attacked that turn so hard, I could have gone sub 25.   But, I failed to execute.


Well, still a World Leading time in M55.  Faster than my season PR that I ran at 2012 Nationals in Indiana (25.43), faster than I ran at 2014 Nationals in Boston (25.49), so still OK, but not what I had hoped considering my 24.80 here last year - after a 55.11 400m and a 60m.

I just think that fighting this cold for over a week, being slightly heavy (144.5), bad weather that has affected my training schedule, and the interruption of the training cycle for competition has affected me... and I've lost a little edge.  Not as lean and mean as I was 2 weeks ago.

The Race
Out in lane 6, I got a good start, best in my heat.   One fast guy in lane 5 quickly made up the stagger but pulled up lame on the turn.  The others included - one slow pentathlete in lane 2 who I never saw, and a guy I should have beat in lane 3 edged me out at the finish by a tenth.   I finished 2nd in my heat - one DNF, one lagging behind, and a scratch -  I was looking forward to seeing Duane, a fellow masters my age race with me, but he got injured in warmups, not at all uncommon among masters.  With the fast guy in lane 5 pulling up, I should have won that heat if I had brought my A-game.

Not particularly optimistic about tomorrow's 400m, but I'll just have fun and do what I can.  At least I have no strains or injuries (except for my perpetually sore foot).

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

brief indoor tempo

In Sewanee today, MTSU snowed out, I went to the outdoor track.  Unfortunately, they actually plowed the field off and pushed the snow onto the track on the straights.  I contemplated a workout but when the wind picked up, it made the 24º weather bite.   So, I hit the indoor 160m track.

Been fighting a cold for days now, not too bad but noticeable.
Saucony trainers on 
500m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 400m w/ 90 sec rest - 65, 71 
2 x 40m
I ran the opposite way around and got a good pump in the hams.  Monday night I did a brief weight workout and 2 reps of rowing machine - 500m at 1:50 w/ 3min rest.   These hard 500m reps on the rowing machine are comparable to running a 600m.

Looking forward to the Vandy meet this weekend.  Friday night - 200m, Saturday morning - 400m.  I got outside lane (6) in the 200m, but lanes don't really matter on this excellent track because it is flat.  There is only one much faster guy in my 200 heat so he'll be one to chase.  In the 400m, I am the slowest by far.  I have inside lane (2) and all the guys in my heat are 51-52 guys.   This is actually good because I will remain behind the whole race and can run my own pace and not have to jostle for position.   I doubt I can repeat the same times I ran last year, but I'm going to try like hell.

 Looking forward to better weather...

Day to be inside...

Sunday, February 7, 2016

New training venue - negative split 400s

In N. Atlanta at the Marist high school this morning.  Sunny and mid 40's.  Great venue, a 6 lane blue Mondo track, bathroom available.  Only a few walkers, but I had the track alone after a while.

Felt tired today.  Not much sleep.  But I pounded out 3 brisk negative split 400s.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 400m - 62.5 (33.5/29), 63.5 (33/29.5), 64.5 (34/30.5)
Didn't feel all that good today.  Did these to focus on the last 100m which I tried to run in 14 and could only manage it on the first one.  The second one felt the hardest.  Just trying to figure out if I should concentrate on faster turnover the last 100 or longer stride.  My instinct is to increase turnover as much as possible while staying relaxed.

A bad week of weather coming up, will probably have only one more track day before Vanderbilt - this Wednesday and it's supposed to be very cold.

Friday, February 5, 2016

gettin' it done, tempo volume take 2

Same workout as Wed. but in Sewanee.  45º and sunny with a light breeze, T-shirt weather.  Definitely some suffering.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 300m w/ 2 min rest - 47.5, 49, 51, 52 
4 x 200m w/1 min rest - 29.5, 31, 32, 31
It was hard.  Seemed even harder than last time.  Did a brief weight workout last night, haven't eaten much today, so I felt really out of gas by the last 200m.   Next opportunity to train Sunday and I'll be looking for a venue in Atlanta.   Probably try Marist School per Don's suggestion.

142.6 after workout.  Foot feels fine.  Strange pain in my elbow, but it's going away.

Regular registration has closed for USATF Indoor Nationals.  I registered for all the sprints.  I think I have a chance to medal in all events.  The 400m has the usual suspects, Ben, Ian, James... so it won't be easy.  Registration is on going for a week or so, you never know who may pop in.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

tempo volume

Great day to train except for the wind.  Nearly 60º at the Dean Hayes track.  Foot feeling better, dove into the bread n butter of my 400m training... limited rest intervals, always the hardest.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 300m w/ 2 min rest - 47.5, 49, 50, 51 
4 x 200m w/ 1 min rest - 29.5, 32, 31, 31
Felt ok.  It was a hard one.  Getting that last 200m in at 31 into the wind was tough.

143.9 lbs after workout.   Annual lab work showed normal testosterone (560), a bit higher cholesterol (198), PSA unchanged (1.3) and everything else fairly normal.  By workout's end the foot hurt but not a lot.  I should be good to go by Friday.

Looks like Southwest team has stacked their lineup for another WR attempt with the addition of Lawson and Boda (53 guys).  So, GPTC has really no chance to beat this team.   We should be solid Silver though.  

Stunningly, they changed the Millrose meet schedule at the last minute forcing me to spend an extra few hundred to come in on Friday night.   I will be racing at 2:07pm instead of 5:07pm on Saturday.  So, that will cost me some extra time and $.

Monday, February 1, 2016

KMS Invitational - Meet report

For me, it was a fun meet to participate in, but really a big lost opportunity when I false started in the 200m.  I had the best lane on the track - lane 5.   I was the only false start in the 200m - 65 competitors.  However, there were a few in the 60m - including one in my preliminary heat, and one in the exhibition final that DQ'd favorite, Marvin Bracy.

But, better a DQ than an injury.  This was my first 'drag race' since the devastating hip flexor injury 10 months ago in the 100m.   I was a bit worried about an injury, but I put it out of my mind.

This was the Men's Exhibition 60m dash - with some of the fastest men in the world entered.   World Silver Medalist Marvin Bracy and 10.1 Bahamian sprinter, Adrian Griffith in my heat.
60m - 7.77 
I got a decent start, same reaction time as everybody else, but Bracy had me by a meter in the first 10m and pulled away, beating me by a whole second - a lot in a 60m.  Maybe I could have been a bit more aggressive but nevertheless, my 7.77 is a World Leading time in my age group, 0.02 off my last season PR.   Not bad since I don't specifically train for the 60m, and rarely race it... though I'm considering doing it at Nationals.  Since I choked in the 200m today, I reluctantly submitted my time from the 200m I ran at TSU a few weeks ago on that slow track less than an hour after a 400m, a meager 25.46, yet a World Lead.   So, now I have the world lead in all 3 sprints.

I'm in the Vanderbilt meet a week from Friday and Sat.  It is simply the best track I've ever run on.  As soon as I checked and found it to be be unrestricted, I registered for the 200m and 400m, and I think they are on Friday and Sat, which is great.

The 200m
It was a bit of a chore to hang around 4 hrs after my 60m to race in the 19th heat of the 200m.  I was tired and my foot hurt, I was sore from Friday's speed work and I just had no appetite in the morning and didn't eat all day.  So by 7pm, I was dragging a bit.  My heat had some scratches and it was just me and one other guy.  I was psyched and ready to go on a hair trigger.   I don't know what happened... a long hold at set, a noisy environment, something triggered me to go.  The sad thing is, when I DQ'd, the kid didn't want to run the heat alone and just walked off.   I feel like I let both of us down.

Maybe it was a needed rest.  My training is becoming unsustainable.  I need to crosstrain, maybe get into the pool, rowing, or something.   I can't do track every other day all the way to Nationals just over 4 weeks away.   I'll hit the weight room tomorrow, and wait til Wed to hit the track again.  My schedule makes it almost impossible to train on Tues and Thurs.   So, preceding the Vandy meet, it's going to be Wed, Fri,  Sun, Mon (weights), Wed.  Then, it's off to Millrose the following week.   Looks like us - GPTC vs Southwest.  We have a shot at beating them.      

It was an incredible meet.   I saw an 18' 9 1/4" polevault by Gavin Kendricks.   Calvin Smith ran the first 400 under 46 sec in the facility.  And I got to race with the best in the world...  how often can an old guy do that?

When I checked in, I registered with the meet director for my wrist band and he said to me what most people say to me at these college meets, "Ok, coach."  I said, "no, competitor, not a coach."  He said, "Really?  What events?"  I said, "60 and 200."  He said, "You know, there are some of the fastest men in the world in that race."  I said, "Good!"

Sprinting with the fastest in the world

World Silver Medalist - Marvin Bracy, after our race

Olympian and sprint pro - Trell Kimmons