Saturday, May 15, 2021

Nashville Masters and Open meet

 Finally, I was able to finish a 400m race.  Near perfect weather at Brentwood Academy for the Nashville Masters and Open TF Classic.  Dry, sunny, low 70ºs, light headwind on the home stretch.   I felt my execution was better in this 400m than any so far this season.  Just 0.09 slower than my WL M60 time last year, and a WL M60 400m time as of now.  Each of 3 outdoor 400s, a little faster so far this season.  My 6th and fastest 400m of the season.  (3 indoor, 3 outdoor).  

400m - 57.58

I really just wanted to finish without rigging up, so I planned to go out fairly conservatively, about 27.  I hit it just about right.  Duane and Lyon both had me about 26.5, so that was probably really 26 high including reaction time.  I estimate my splits to be somewhere like 13,14,14.7, 15.8.   Certainly room for improvement, but nice to finish without serious rigging.  

On BA's 6 lane track, I had lane 5.  To my inside in lane 4 was a 24 yr old who ran by me with ease well before the 100m mark, a competitive M45 guy in 3, and old guys in 1 and 6.  I heard the M75 guy in lane 6 yell out, "jesus!" as I sprinted by him in the first 20m.   The M45 guy passed me on the back stretch then stayed about 2 seconds ahead the rest of the way.   The young guy finished about 50 flat.  

After the race, I didn't want to stay for the 200m because of the headwind and the fatigue, so I went back to Sewanee and did a steep hike with Roya down the Potter Ridge Trail to Lost Cove and back out.   Tomorrow will be taking the boat out and meeting Bill and doing the bike climb up Raccoon Mtn.   So, a pretty active 'day off' tomorrow.  I expect to be back by Monday evening for my next track workout.  

This race, I was a little heavier, probably 140 - 141.  So, I don't think my weight matters all that much within a range of a few lbs either way.   

Thursday, May 13, 2021

250s / diet

Another perfect day in Sewanee, sunny, cool, crisp, dry, low to mid 60ºs, light NW wind.  I wanted to do relaxed and near race pace long sprints today and decided to do some 250s from the 400m start.  The track was covered in places by tents set up for graduation, but lane 4 was fortunately free.  I specifically ran these conservatively and relaxed.   I took a generous rest in between, almost full recovery.  All were 3 step rolling starts except the last one.

Hoka trainers on

stretches, drills, 2x100, bands

2 x 50m

250m - 34.12 (12.78, 14.1, 7.24 / 26.88, 7.24)

250m - 34.34 (12.94, 14.19, 7.21 / 27.13, 7.21)

250m - 34.26 (12.94, 14.00, 7.32 / 26.94, 7.32)

100m on the turn from lane 1 - 12.91

200m from the line - 27.37

I like 250s.  My first time doing them.  They are a good pre race workout because unlike 300m event runs, they aren't so tiring that I can do 3 of them without major fatigue.  

At race pace, 34 or just under would be a good target.  To get 57.5 that would require a final 150m of 23.5.  That would be 7.5 250-300m, then 16 on the last 100m. 

Race Saturday

Unfortunately, I have to leave real early to get to Brentwood for the meet.  The track looks good, but it's a 6 lane track and they put me in lane 1 for the 200m.  I may not run the 200m.  I'm still a work in progress.  The real season starts on Memorial Day weekend where I will race 2 (maybe 3) weekends in a row.  


Well, I thought I could get away with eating a lot of eggs but no, my cholesterol test came back high, so I'm ditching the eggs for oat bran.  Eggs are a satisfying, relatively low calorie high protein zero carb food. They have helped me get my body fat to very low levels.  Mistakenly, I thought being at less than 10% body fat and my training would negate the cholesterol, but no.  My bodyweight bottomed out at 135 lbs at one point, but today, was 139.6 lbs after workout.  Eggs are a relatively new food for me to eat in quantity.  I was hard boiling them and eating them 2 or 3 at a time with parmesan cheese, as many as 6/day, 2 doz/ week, too much!   So, I'm switching back to the mostly low/zero fat meat, dairy, fish, and plant based diet that got me to the levels I had before.  Niacin, raw garlic, ginger, etc... Even at best in recent years, I've been borderline high, around 200 total cholesterol, which is hereditary / genetic.  But, I know what to do to get back to where I was.  Not particularly worried since I had a calcium CT heart scan that yielded a ZERO score - zero plaque.  Fortunately, the local grocery has excellent quality low fat organic chicken, organic skim milk.  No more rotisserie chicken, toast and butter, eggs and cheese... unfortunately.   Still haven't eaten beef or pork in over 30 yrs.  I'm going to retest in 4 months.  If I'm still high (which I doubt), I'll have a more detailed CTA heart scan to see if there are any issues.   If there are, I may consider a low dose statin, but I doubt it.  

A close friend of mine was on the heavy animal fat 'keto diet' and he suddenly started having heart problems, ended up in the hospital and is now on statin drugs for life, he's only 51.  Problem is, he never knew he had a problem because he never went to a Dr.  It was only an emergency heart arrhythmia that put him in the hospital that he found out.  Keto diets are problematic in my opinion... all that animal fat.   My sister in law is 5'3" 105 lbs, very fit and had a cholesterol of over 400!  You can't escape your genes.  The liver produces cholesterol, and it's not all from diet.  Fasting will actually raise your cholesterol, and I do intermittent fasting, so that may have contributed. 


Tuesday, May 11, 2021

race pace+ 300, 2x200

Cool this morning, temperatures 56º late this morning, but rising into the 60ºs by the time I got to the track, mostly cloudy, light winds.    I arrived at the Sewanee track to find them erecting tents on the track and field, so I drove to my backup track at St Andrews, Sewanee.  Nice track.

I wanted to run race pace 400m speed today, but I ran a bit faster, not intending to.  I ran the 300m in my Adidas spikes, the rest in trainers.   The 300m was straight-turn-straight, so not a valid 400m split from the 400m start.  I took about 13-14 min between sprints, not full recovery, but almost.  As usual, all sprints rolling from a 3 step rolling start. 


Hoka trainers on 

stretches, drills, 2x100m, bands

3 x 50m

Adidas spikes on

300m - 40.34 (25.72, 14.62  / 12.66, 13.06, 14.62)

Hoka trainers on

200m - 26.32 (12.59, 13.73)

200m - 26.07 (12.69, 13.38)

The last 200m was so much better, stayed relaxed on the second 100m despite being tired, didn't kill the first 100m.  Pacing and execution are everything.  That 300, going out in 25.7 wasn't 'race pace'... as I slowed down considerably in the 3rd 100 to 14.62.  At that level of fatigue, I would have been looking at a about a 17 last 100 in a 400.  So, too fast. 

Back to a nominal weight: 139.3 lbs after workout.  

Sunday, May 9, 2021

6x200m tempo

Last warm day for a while, 73º and variable clouds with a stiff south wind and approaching storms.  I tried a new workout today, faster, more volume, and a longer rest interval, which of course didn't seem so long after the 4th rep.

Hoka trainers on

stretches, drills, 2 x 100m, bands

6 x 200m w/ 3 min rest - avg 28.51 (27.54, 27.85, 27.69, 28.96, 29.12, 29.94)

5 mile bike ride

I set a goal of an avg of 28.62 or 92% of race pace (based on 26.5 for the first 200m split).  So, I met the goal, averaging about 92.4% of race pace.  The first 3 were not bad but I started feeling it by the end of #4.  5 was hard, and 6 was pretty wicked.  Wasn't sure if I'd make 6, but I did, and under 30.   

A little heavier lately, 140.3 lbs after workout.  Most after a workout in a month or so.  Still not bad.  Maybe a result of weights, and protein.   

Should be good weather for training Tues., mid-upper 60ºs.  Maybe do some event runs.   

My schedule had changed a bit.  Looks like Nashville Sr Games is on for last weekend in June.  So, I may not do the AL meet on June 12.  That would be 3 weekends in a row or 4 meets in 5 weeks... probably too much.   4 meets in 7 weeks is probably enough.  

Friday, May 7, 2021

short & fast

Cool pleasant weather in Sewanee, low 60ºs, sunny, light winds.  

Yesterday, I did the Roakes Cove bike climb and a 5x50 w/ 300 lbs workout on the glute/ham machine.  

Today, low volume.   Short hard sprints, faster than 400m pace.  Pushing to max velocity, but in trainers, no spikes.

Hoka trainers on

stretches, drills, 2 x 100m, bands

3 x 50m (3 step rolling start) - 6.69, 6.29, 6.26

2 x 50m (crouch start from the line) - 6.53, 6.62

2 x 100m- 1st 50m on the turn, 2d 50m- straight (3 step rolling start) - 12.51 (6.22/6.29), 12.19 (6.07, 6.12)

100m - 1st 50m on the turn, 2d 50m- straight (crouch start from the line) - 12.74 (6.62, 6.12)

100m - straight (crouch start from the line) - 12.78 (6.69, 6.09)

Speed seemed ok.  9 sprints, 5 rolling, 4 from the line.  Acceleration on the line starts was a bit inconsistent.  Best was my first 50 from the line (4th), best speed was my second 100m (w/ rolling start). 

I left feeling pretty good, energized, no strains.  Thought about doing more, but I think working on one specific energy system per workout sometimes is a good idea.

138.3 lbs after workout.   


Another possible meet in June is the TN Sr Games the last weekend in June.  It's tentative at this point. 

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

2x4x150m on turf

In search of a track today in Atlanta led me from the Marist school which was unavailable, to Oglethorpe University where I fibbed to the security guard to let me in but found the track locked anyway.  

So, I had no choice but to hit the turf again, at Marist.  I measured out a 150m straight with my wheel on 2 back to back soccer fields.   

Hoka trainers on

stretches, drills, 2 x 60m 

4 x 150m w/ 1 min rest - avg ~ 22.9

8 min rest

4 x 150m w/ 1 min rest - avg ~ 23

I timed all the 150s and the first set were all below 23 but 1.   I started the second set too quick with a 21.9, and my last one was 24.  It was a good workout, and low impact.   I have done 4x150m w/ 30 sec rest in 23 high, but I wanted to run a little faster this time.  

Here was the scene.  From the cones at the bottom of the photo to where the slope starts just below the light pole in the distance, about where the second soccer goal is, past the blue fence.  150m straight.  You can see a Canadian goose just past the first bleachers on the right.  It never moved as I ran by it 8x.  

Back in Sewanee where it looks like cool weather in for the next 3 days, highs - low to mid 60ºs, lows - low to mid 40ºs.   Beautiful day forecast for tomorrow, sunny 65º.  Will do a bike climb and some weights.  

Monday, May 3, 2021

10x100m on turf

In Atlanta for a few, and today there was severe weather, even a tornado in S. Atlanta.  I had a small window of opportunity in between rain storms, and I got it in.   I arrived at Marist school about 7:20 pm with a light drizzle beginning and thunder.  The lightning warning beacon on the roof was lighting up.  Concerned enough about lightning, I did not grab the chain link fence to do my dynamic stretches, I used a hurdle instead.   I knew I would only have time for a tempo workout, but I didn't feel up to 200m repeats on the hard wet track, a little lingering soreness from the 5x300.  So, I decided to stay on turf.  Glad I did.

Hoka trainers on

stretches, drills, 3x100m

10 x 100m on turf w/ 30 sec rest - avg ~ 15.5

I ran 8 of 10 under 16, and I ran the last one in 14.85, so it was a good hard workout, and a body saver running on the soft turf.  Took less than 9 min.  Even though I was on a football field, I was sure to run a full 100 meters, not 100 yards, marking it out with cones.   Was really happy to get it in, considering tomorrow looks even worse for weather, rain and strong storms.  Felt pretty good.  Seemed to recover quickly and thought about doing more, but didn't.

I will likely return to Sewanee Wed for my next workout.  Forecast is for nice cool weather, mostly sunny but only in the mid-60ºs during the day, and mid 40ºs at night through Friday.   Love it!