Saturday, July 4, 2020

hills, bands, surreal 4th

After two days off the track, some cross training on the bike and swimming across the lake, I was back to the track on a surreal July 4th in Sewanee.  It was a humid 76º this evening.  I say surreal because there surely has never been a 4th of July in Sewanee like this.

Sewanee is a small town that usually has a BIG traditional 4th of July celebration that goes all day long and brings people in from afar.  Starts in the morning with silly pet shows and pie eating contests, a crafts fair, afternoon parade, campus tours, and fireworks.   But today, not one person to be seen, not one fire cracker, not kid on his bike, no walkers, nobody.  The track stadium was all mine. A private athletic paradise. 

After a sweaty warmup, some strides, and some resistance, I realized my ham was still sore so I did what I often do to get a good workout in this situation.  I went to the steep on Roarkes Cove Rd to run some hills.

Hoka trainers on 
4 x 100m, stretches, drills 
band work - hams, more hams, quads 
2 x 100m striders 
band work - hams, more hams, quads 
100m hill sprint 
3 x 200m hill sprints 
band work - hams 
100m strider

Yes, the ham is still sore and there is no way I'd be ready to race in a week.  Good thing about this new meet series.

I tested out the hill with a moderate 100m.  It was fine, so I got down to business and ran 3x200m, each one a little faster.   200m on this hill is a bitch.  The last 50m are the steepest.  Running all out, I'm lucky to break 40 on this 200m hill, today was happy to run 46, 45, 44.  It's about the same as a hard 300m, but a bit more muscular fatigue.

I'll probably continue with the hill and turf workouts for the next week, on the track every third day, and will continue to aggressively cross train.  I'm planning to swim about everyday and bike.  Planning to do the big hill at Raccoon Mtn. this week from the boat, same exact thing I did last yr on my Bday.

142.2  lbs after workout

New meet series, change of plans

I've decided to wait a little longer before my first race.  Probably another 3 weeks.  The AL meet next weekend would not be ideal because of the morning schedule and because I've lost a little time due to a slight ham strain - which is pretty much gone now.  Today will be my third workout going on an every third day schedule.

Everything looks good about the RSS/American Track League series: the schedule, number of meets, venues, and covid-19 precautions.  They also state: USATF Sanctioned

- Schedule - seems that they are running elite, masters, and open in the evening beginning at 6 PM, which is perfect for me since it is 2 hrs away and I usually run in the evening.
- Meets - They say they plan to have one every weekend beginning July 11, a total of 9,  although they have just 3 registrations open on Coacho, July 11, 25, and Aug 1.  (Sometime these meet series get too ambitious and end up cancelling meets due to lack of attendance).  I hope this series doesn't fold.
- Venue - Life University in Marrietta, GA.  Track is brand new, IAAF proportions, just resurfaced red track, north and away from the city of Atlanta in an area surrounded by woods.
- Covid-19 precautions - only running events in lanes.  100, 200, 400, 800 w/ 4 turn stagger.  First time I've ever heard of an 800 run in lanes.  All competitors and spectators wear masks except when racing.  Since there are a reduced number of events, the meets should be short, less waiting.  

Their list of competitors for next weekend is small, mostly kids, just a couple masters, but a couple of elites as well.  They don't seem to be super organized, as one release said they're going to do nine meets but their poster (both below) just has 3 meets listed.   I'm only going to assume the 3 meets. 

Although I could probably be ready to run by the 18th, I will likely wait until July 25 to race because I want to be confident I'm at 100% or as close to it as I can be.   I'm fit now and down to race weight.  The next 3 weeks of protective training with most volume on grass, and only speed work on the track, increased strengthening/ prehab... I should be good to go for my M60 debut.  With this series slated to go through early Sept.  I'd like to go to multiple meets at this venue, so no point in risking injury.

The new Life University Track, Marietta, GA.  It is an IAAF track, not the usual equal quad track you more often see:

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

150s and a tweek

Cool for July, 72º and partly cloudy.   Been some rain so, a little moist.   Got rained out yesterday so last two workouts have been on 2 days rest.

Planned to do the same workout as last time, and then some blocks but push it even harder.  Unfortunately, on the 6th and last 150, 20m before the end, I tweeked my left ham.   First ham issue I've had in a while.  I don't think it's too bad, recover in a few days, not weeks.  Will know more tomorrow.  It was a wake up call to tell me I need to do some prehab and strengthening, which I've not been doing enough of in the past week.
Hoka trainers on 
4 x 100m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 150m w/ 30sec rest - 20.26, 21.96, 21.74 
3 x 150m w/ 30sec rest - 20.30, 21.43, DNF

I brought out the blocks, so in trainers I did a few low power starts, just a few steps.  I hope this ham gets better in a few days, so I won't miss any workouts and my first meet in 10 days away.

Feeling pretty fit at 141.9 lbs

M60 pose

Sunday, June 28, 2020

tempo 150s, blocks

Feeling more like summer now.  Mid 70ºs but humid and showers around.  Chance of thunderstorms everyday for the foreseeable future, highs around 80º, lows mid 60ºs. 

Stayed mostly on the turf today but before I left, pulled out the blocks and spikes.  Did 2x3x150 w/ 30 sec rest, but much faster than last time when I did 3 sets.
Hoka trainers on 
4 x 100m strides, stretches, drills 
3 x 150m w/ 30 sec rest - 21.87, 22.06, 21.38 (on turf)
3 x 150m w/ 30 sec rest - 20.96, 22.80, 22.43 (on turf)
Puma spikes on  
3 x 20m from blocks

When I first started, had the usual pains but they disappeared after warmup.  The 150s were good and hard, and I was just about to leave when I grabbed the blocks as an after thought.  Put the spikes on for the first time in 3 months and ran some starts.  It felt ok.  No pains.  I didn't do full out explosive race type starts, but just fast enough to feel it out, and it was ok.  I may do a race pace 100m from block on the turn to see how it feels later this week.  I'm using my practice spikes that are 1/2 size big so I wear socks and have protective gel soles above the spike plate.  More protective than my meet spikes. 

I'm going to ramp down a bit and keep my volume low in the next 5 workouts before my first meet.  Stay on grass at least half the time and try to be healthy as possible by race day, even if it means I give up a little conditioning. 

142.2 lbs after workout. 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

tempo 300s / Bob Lida

The track was totally quiet when I got there, quite a change from the last time with all those walkers.  I had the place to myself and it was beautiful, perfect 75º and calm winds.

Today was the dreaded 4 x 300m tempo workout.

Hoka trainers on 
4 x100m strides on grass, stretches, drills  
4 x 300m w/ 2:30 rest in between - 47.56, 49.69, 50.71, 53.41 (50.34 avg) 
100m strider

It was a bitch as always and I really suffered bad on #4 because I probably ran the first one too fast.  It was about the same avg as my last set of 4x3s 2 weeks ago.

I was game to do more but the body said no after I tested it with a 100m strider.  May now take 2 days off from the track and do weights and cross train.  142.5 lbs after workout.


The world's fastest man over 80 is gone.  I got word this evening that Bob Lida has died at the age of 83.  He was hero to many and a giant in the masters track world.   I met Bob at Nationals in 2012.  I saw him again in Korea, and in Spain for the last time.  In Korea, he broke the 200m M80 WR in a time that exceeded the outdoor WR by 0.40 seconds.  He told me that he was going to run the 400m although he said, "I didn't train for it."  He then set the indoor 400m M80 WR, just missing the outdoor WR by less than 0.20.

No word on cause of death but he was apparently hospitalized for 2 weeks prior.  (Could've been a virus?)  RIP Bob.  Thanks for the inspiration.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Light quality workout

Felt ok today and did a rather minimal workout, low volume, just 4 long sprints. 

Hoka trainers on  
3 x 100m strides, stretches, drills 
300m - 41.26 
200m - 26.62 (12.62, 14) 
2 x 150m on turf - 21.10, 20.96

Workouts like this are not very meaningful except just basic maintenance.  Hard effort on the 300 and 200, but just striding on the 150s.   Didn't feel up to a tempo workout, and there were a lot of walkers on the track that evening and it would have been a bit difficult to do tempo repeats with these people in the way. 

So, I have a workout tomorrow that has to be meaningful because I'll likely take the next 2 days off.  I would like to get the spikes on sometime before I race on July 11.

I'm really getting lean, 142.2 lbs after workout.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

tempo 150s on turf

73º and breezy at 6:30pm on the longest day of the year.  Still not particularly hot.  Thunderstorms skirted the area but never came so it helped cool the air.

I stayed on turf today, something I'm going to need to do more of the rest of this season which is coming to a close for me.  I don't know how I'll tolerate racing but we'll see.  I definitely want to try a 400m on July 11, and then not sure what after that, but at least 2 possible meets. 

Hoka trainers on 
4x100m stride warmups, stretches, drills 
3 x 3 x 150m w/ 30 sec rest ~ 22 - 24, about 15 min between sets
A decent workout, 1350m of work total.  All sets were about equal in terms of pace,  (22.5 is 60 sec 400m pace) and I averaged 23 low. 

This is one of the better tempo workouts on turf I've done.  Comparable to the 4 x 300m tempo, but a little faster with more volume. 

I'll see how I tolerate this workout, and may continue on turf for volume tempo stuff like this and save the track for speed work.

142..8 lbs after workout.  Fit weight.  Been eating minimally.