Tuesday, July 29, 2014

foundation, weights, plyos

Unbelievable weather in Sewanee tonight for late July.   By the end of my workout, it was in the low 60ºs after sunset.  Since my last post, did a hard lower body resistance workout on Sat.   Glutes, hams, calves, and hip flexors, but also some upper body.  Resistance machines, squats, squat jumps, plyos, etc...  

Trying to see what a good off season schedule would be.   I think I need about 2 days rest after such a workout and I want to run one day a week.  I can do ab and core work almost every day, or every other day, and maybe a hill day on the bike.... so, I have the makings of an off season program.   I do think I am building strength.

Today I did foundation work on the track:
2 x 1 mile - 6:15, 6:45 
2 x 100m striders  ~ 14
The miles were a bitch as usual and I took the last one a bit easy, although it was still hard.   Maybe I should run slower and longer, maybe do 3 miles in 23 min or something?  The new Saucony Ride training shoes are much softer than the Virratas and I think they'll be my mainstay throughout the off season.

The 100m striders felt good tonight, didn't mean to run so fast,  but it really felt good, like I was running down hill.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

weights, foundation, and food

Been eating carbs again and after a weekend celebrating with Roya, I am heavy, about 148.

Got a workout in at the Louisville Athletic Club, a great facility, also at MTSU and at home doing abs, arms, squats and plyos.

I returned to the track tonight at MTSU, warm and humid under a purple sky with lightning inthe distance.   Wow ... I am out of shape.

2 x 1 mile - 6:40, 6:20

It felt good and hard.  I did the first mile running the opposite way around.

I contacted MTSU about their lack of a glute hip machine.   They used to have one, but not anymore.

Ray Wiley of the Rec Center responded:
Thank you for your comments. We are always open to suggestions however, please understand that we have requested feedback from our recreation students and other fitness professionals prior to purchasing any new equipment.  I do not foresee us purchasing this machine at this time. Thanks again for your comments.
My response:
There are several benches, what maybe even ten? And with this redundancy, you can't get one machine that does something that no other machine does?  Even the University of the South has this machine.   Glad I have a house in Sewanee.
O well...       

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

September in July

Very dry beautiful weather in Sewanee.   It was in the 60ºs this evening when I rode up Roarke's Cove  Rd. ... my 4th trip up in 8 days, 3rd on the bike.   Definitely easier today.   Afterward I did a good solid but brief workout.
single leg squats with 60bs - 2 x 12 each leg 
single leg bench stepup & leaps with 60lbs - 2 x 10 each leg 
lumberjack squats/press/calf raise with 140 lbs - 2 x 12 
leg curls 
glute machine 
hip flexor machine
tabata ab routine 

I wish the glute machine held more plates.  It maxes out at 150 lbs and I add a 10 plate.  I can do the stack easily 35 times with the glute (probably max out at 50) and the hip flexor about 20 times.  I need a machine like this with more weight.

Good luck to all at Masters Nationals that start tomorrow.

Monday, July 14, 2014

running again

...but no sprinting.   Ran Roark's Cove Road with an elite distance runner friend leading the way.   2.8 miles and nearly a thousand feet up.   KICKED my butt!   Sore glutes and back.  Tomorrow is definitely a day off.


Was at the MTSU weightroom yesterday.  Did cleans, squats, and a new lift that I think is really good and explosive... the 'lumberjack squat into a press and calf raise.'   The cleans made my back a bit sore and I felt the squats in my butt.   So, I definitely got a decent workout.   Did some upper body too.

My weight continues to be good despite all the bread eating - 145 lbs.

Looks like they're going to stream the Masters Nationals on USATF TV.  Think this may be the right link:   Link here

The M50 400m looks crazy - 10 guys! have seeded under 55.50.   But, as James said, "when you see the results, you may have wished you came."

Next yr.

Also, I didn't know that US guys could race at the Canadian Nationals and set meet records.   I saw Alan Tissenbaum was there - a dominant M50 100/200 guy, ran an 11.64 / 24.27 at age 54, wow. Congrats to my friend Tony D who medaled in the 200m (25.95).

Maybe next yr.

Friday, July 11, 2014

more bike, resistance

Did Roarke's Cove road again on the bike.   I really think it's much tougher to bike it than run/jog it.   2.8 miles, about a thousand ft. climb.   I did it in about 26 min without putting a foot down.  Hard.

Did an ab routine, pushups, some machines and some single leg squats and hops.

Waiting til my padded gloves come to get to the bar.  I might start running the hill next week.

Have put on about 5 lbs of fat... eating pretty liberally.   Made a peach crisp today, sandwiches with bread and chips.   Holding about 147 - 148 lbs.  Wondering what too soon would be to start running again.   Maybe do one day a week next week, just long distance foundation / hill.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Off season training begins

After 9 days of no training, I hit the mountain on my bike yesterday, my 54th birthday.   I did the 2.8 mile 1000' climb on Roarke's Cove Rd., expecting it would be easier ... considering I'm just a week+ off a consistent training regime.  It wasn't any easier.... it was a bitch.

I also hit the gym for some weights.   Did a 2 x 5 cleans with 120 lbs and some upper body work.  I also realized that I can use the glute machine for hip flexors too.  I ordered some lifting gloves.

I've been also doing an ab routine in Tabata intervals.   8 x 20 secs on / 20 sec rest.   A good workout in a short period.

Looking into strategies for combating sarcopenia.  Diet and supplements may help: protein, vitamin D, and BCAAs, particularly leucine.

Researching workout methods for strength and speed development.  Lot of info out there, but most is really geared toward collegiate athletes.  Would be easy to do too much; must keep in mind what coach Page said,  'avoiding injury is #1.'  As my friend Johnny - a 100m guy said - there are sprinters who focus more on track, and some who focus more on strength and weights.  He is more of a lifter and ran a 10.75 100m this year.   I think too much of a focus on weights, particularly too much weight and/or bad form could make me more susceptible to injury.   (Johnny raced only a few times this year before going down with a ham injury).

Enjoying a lot of free time... my diet has suffered a bit.  Eating a lot more carbs than normal, particularly bread, chips, potatoes.

The weather here on the mountain has been wonderfully cool for July.   Generally in the 70ºs to low 80ºs.