Monday, March 31, 2014


Just when I should be peaking during the early part of the college season, I'm stricken with a serious congestive cold that has forced me to curtail training, and prevented me from racing the 400m at Vanderbilt on Sat.  Terrible timing. This setback might cancel any chances for PRs this season.  

It is so rare for me to get sick and I've done everything I can do to get over this... juice, drugs, vitamins, homeopathic medication, and now ... my third day in a row off the track.  It even affected my head... I was dizzy when I went to bed Saturday night.  This, in some measure, must be what it feels like to be dying... sick and nothing one can do about it.

Coach Page said that if an athlete has chest congestion, it won't go away if one keeps training.  Well, I'm going to give it one more day.... and what a beautiful day it is, sunny and near 70º today on the mountain.  So, I'll just sit here and watch the hawks sail past my ridge, and maybe do a light hike later in the warmth of the day with some friends.

It doesn't matter much anyway, whether I train tomorrow or today, I'll only be able to get 2 workouts in this week before the Sat meet at Centre College in KY.   Might as well be Tue, Thurs.

Congrats to all my friends who won medals at the World Masters ... James, Nick, Bill, Charles, Don.   Maybe someday I'll go to one of those meets.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet report - Vanderbilt Black n' Gold

Disappointing 200m race, but not terrible.

Still sick with terrible congestion, runny nose.   I don't think I'll race the 400m tomorrow but you never know... maybe I'll do it for the workout.  Felt unusually tired today after the 200m.  Not feeling super strong.    

From lane 7, the starter seemed to hold a bit long and I twitched, I guess lucky to not get called.  It wasn't a great start but I felt like I was carrying decent speed into the straight.   I did fade a bit and got passed by two guys at the end, finishing last in my heat, the next slowest was just .10 ahead of me, running the same time I ran last weekend.  So, I didn't feel too out of my league ... (even though I was.  The winner in the fast heat ran 20.90).  

They tagged spikes today so I couldn't use my favorite Pumas with xmas tree spikes, like last weekend.
Considering this time was faster than I ran at Nationals in '11,  I guess I'm ok with it.  My illness and the craziness of the day didn't help.   (I was getting some badly needed sleep this afternoon when I was awoken out of a dead sleep by a friend who was broken down on the highway, and I had to spend the last hours before the leaving for the meet hunting down an auto part and delivering it to him down the highway, and then arranging for a AAA tow when the part didn't fit).

One good thing... no injuries, my wheels are fit!    I was utterly amazed at how effective a simple wrap high over the upper thigh alleviated any issues or strains.   It completely took away the slight tinge of vulnerability and pain I felt, and it was perfectly fine through the race.   Compression works!

We'll see about tomorrow.   It would be hard to do it without full lung capacity.  I can't believe how nasty this cold is and how long it is hanging on.  

I always enjoy racing, just a bad time to be sick.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pre race day / World Masters news

Still sick.  I will be good to go in the 200m tomorrow at Vanderbilt, because I won't need my lungs much.   But ... I may scratch the 400m on Sat if my lungs don't clear.

The Vanderbilt Black and Gold Meet doesn't seem as big as it used to be.   Less heats.    Of course, I drew terrible lanes - lane 7 for the 200m, which is ok, but lane 8 for the 400m which is tough.  The 200m race looks like it will be ok.   At least one slow guy in my heat that ran mid 25s indoor.  The weather looks good tomorrow - warm, 70º, forecast for a slight tailwind.

The 400m is a different story.   Everyone (but me) in the heat is 51-53 capable.   Maybe all the more reason to bow out.    Saturday looks worse for the 400m ... mid 50's, possible rain, and strong NW winds, a home-stretch headwind.

I hope I can summon the goods for at least a good 200m and I'll play Sat by ear.   If I emerge uninjured, there's the Centre College Invite in KY the weekend after.  I've been strengthening the upper quad and it feels ok but still vulnerable.

World Masters Indoor Championships
Nick Berra is in the Finals of the M45 800m.  Fellow musician Noland Shaheed is in the M60 800m finals - both with fastest qualifying times.  James Chinn ran a smokin' 25.09 200m in the first round and is in the M55 finals.   Bill Collins and Charles Allie - who both have the fastest qualifying times by ridiculous margins, are in the M60 and M65 200m Finals.  Amazingly, Marcus Shute missed the finals in the M50 200m and ran 25.30 in the semis finishing 7th.   I would imagine he has an injury or something.  I don't know why James Lawson didn't go, he could have walked away with the world championship.  It would have been tough to make the M50 200m finals, slowest qualifier was 25.06 (my exact time outdoors last weekend).

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Still sick.   One of the worst colds in memory but hopefully not getting worse.  Bad timing...  I was hoping for a chance at some good times this weekend but not feeling 100%.    My wheels seem ok, no sign of the quad strain and I'll do some further strengthening tonight.

Did 300s at near race pace today with recovery.

Winter's last gasp today... cold, about 38º in bright sunshine at the Dean Hayes track.  Glad I wasn't out yesterday... even colder with snow squalls.
400m warmup on grass, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
3 x 300m - 41.5, 42.5, 43
When the wind died down, I was able to run in my T.  I'm taking everything I can for the cold, Airborne, juice, aspirin, decongestant.   Still was wheezing during my runs.  The congestion is deep and hard to clear.

The meet this weekend is important because: 1) it is local - Nashville, 2) it is a 2 day meet, 200m on Friday, 400m on Sat., 3) It's a fast Mondo track.  Probably the best track I'll race on this year.  So that's why I continue to train despite my sickness.

The weather is forecast to be warm and rainy on Friday.  There will be a stiff tail wind that will shift to a head wind at some point during the day.  Hopefully, the wind shift won't come at the wrong time.  Last year, there were no 200s over 25, and no 400s over 55, so... I'll probably get a slow lane and heat.  Probably finish last.

Taking much of the day off to rest.

World Masters News
Bill Collins M63 smoked the field to win the M60 60m World Championship in 7.52 ... beating the next fastest by .41 sec.   His time would have won the M55 and even taken Bronze in M50!  Charles Allie won M65 60m in 8.00, but he had competition, just .06 ahead of second.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Tough time

It was not a fun day to be out in KY.    

It was freezing outside, 40º with a breeze.   I contracted a significant cold with chest congestion, watery eyes, sneezing, coughing, etc... and I had a slight quad issue that I needed to protect, so I opted for long speed endurance stuff, and not too fast.

I arrived at KCD school at 6:15pm, just as the HS track team was finishing.   So, I completed my warmups and was about to start when a flood of 6-8 yr olds poured onto the track.   I had to leave and come back at 7:30 pm after the peewee track practice, when it was colder and darker.

I did my warmups all over again, and kept my training shoes on for this one.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
600m - 1:50 
500m - 87 
400m - 67 
4 - 5 min in between
Tried to keep 18/100m pace for the 600m, 17/100m for the 500m, and 16/100 for the 400m.  Came up a few sec short.  The 600 was fairly painless and didn't start feeling 'it' til the end of the 500m.   Not too fast and just enough to make me suffer.   Was wheezing with congestion.  I was shivering like crazy afterward.  So, why did I go out?  With the Vandy meet this Fri-Sat, and with snow and even colder temps tonight and tomorrow, I really had no choice if I wanted to get 2 workouts in this week before Friday's meet.   I may do the pool on Wed.

Weather looks warm and wet for Vandy on Friday, and unfortunately, forecast says there'll be a headwind. ; (

Good Luck to all my colleagues, at the World Masters Indoor Championships in Budapest.  
Go Marcus, James....!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Berea College Invite - Meet report

It wasn't too bad of an outdoor debut.  Great day for a meet, mostly cloudy, dry, 59º.

I can say fairly definitively I haven't yet begun to lose a lot of speed from my 2012 Gold n' Silver season.   The 200m was better than the 400m today ... in the 400, went out a bit too fast and paid.  But my 200m race was in my top 5 times, even running just an hour after the 400m, on not such a great track, and into a slight headwind, and from lane 2.

400m - 56.25
200m - 25.06

I did finish last in the 400m (not by much), but managed to beat 2 guys in the 200m.  Surprisingly, it was much more competitive than previous years.

My friend Roya made her track and field debut ... racing the 100m in 16. It took a lot of courage for her to do this and I'm very proud of her, never having used starting blocks or spikes before yesterday. She looks like a pro here in lane one.   Bravo!

Thursday, March 20, 2014


It feels like it's been a while since I  hit the track for training, actually it's been more than a week.   Perfect day for it, 50º and sunny at the Dean Hayes track.  Not looking forward to warmer weather.

Still a bit sore and tight in the hams, but ok.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
2 x 300m w/ 2min rest - 44, 45.5 
2 x 200m -28ish
My Gymboss timer's battery expired so I was unable to time the 200s, so I estimated the speed and worked on form.   The limited rest 300s gave me enough pain for the day.  I'm in pretty decent shape, 141.4 lbs after workout.

This weekend's meet looks to be a small DIII affair at Berea College, KY.   Seems like there is no fee for unattached, unless I'm missing something.   There is no "home meet info" link or schedule on the website.  I sent an inquiry email to the AD.  If I don't hear anything by tomorrow, I'll call the coach.   Doesn't seem well organized on first impression.  Last year, there were 16 guys running the 400m, 6 of 'em were over 56 sec;  20 guys running the 200m, 5 of 'em over 25 sec.   It doesn't get much less competitive than this on the college level.  Shoot, I could run in meets like this til I'm 60 and not finish last.

This also will (may) mark the debut of my girlfriend Roya as an M50 masters sprinter.   She is going to try the 100m (I hope).  She will have never used spikes of starting blocks until the day before the meet, when I get up there.  She is a natural athlete with lots of natural speed.  She never has really trained as a sprinter, in fact she has never gone to the track by herself or has run at all this week.   This is an excellent place to debut...  last year there were 15 women racing, two were 15+ sec.   I estimate Roya could break 16 easily.  Fortunately, we wear almost the same size shoe and I have some Asics that are too small for me.

I was happy to find a source for spike risers, the place I contacted sent me a bunch for free!  I'm set for the season.

Going to do some light prehab resistance and ab work tonight.   I credit the resistance bands, particularly the quad/hip flexor work that helped me ward off any strains with all that racing in Boston... because I definitely felt a strain in training the week prior.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back to it...

Saving my legs a bit today and working in the pool.   Thanks Tony for the valuable suggestion.   I may do this regularly to avoid beating myself up during this, the beginning of a long outdoor season.

Still sore in the hams and quads... after 7 weekend races: 2x400m, 3x200m, and 2x60m.  A lot of all out sprints.   Since I didn't get injured, I think it will benefit me and because of my schedule, my weekend races will be my speed work training.   Coach Page once said the best training is racing, but it could have some diminishing returns if I become a racing fool like in previous years.

In the pool today with the belt, I was reminded that this workout could be as hard as I want it to be.  I went easy for the first minute, sprint the second minute, but not all out.  My heart rate stayed well below 140.
Aqua running - MTSU Pool 
10 x 2 min with 1 min rest in between
It was good to get it done and I'll concentrate on core stuff until I hit the track on Thurs.  Hopefully, the soreness will be gone by then.

I've updated my 2014 outdoor track schedule.   It's on the sidebar.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Masters Indoor Nationals '14 - Day 3

Whew... 7 races in 3 days.   Hams are sore but fortunately no strains or injuries.   What a workout.

Today was a pisser, lost a medal in the 200m by 0.02.   I really thought I got it, but more on that later.

The 200m semis and finals, 4x400m relay made for a tiring day.

200m semis
With Ed P. out, and Mike S., a no-show, there was an opening for a possible medal for me in the 200m.   I had the 3rd fastest qualifying time in the semis - 25.63.   Marcus S. and James L. smoked the rest of us so badly, they were in a class by themselves.  I had Marcus and David N. in my heat.   Marcus easily won and I took second, my time would have won the slow heat.  I knew it would be tougher to make the finals since they only took 6 (instead of 8, like in the 60m).

200m final
Considering my level of soreness and fatigue, I ran a good final.  I was a bit nervous knowing I had a shot at a medal. Previously didn't think I had a chance.  1st and 2nd would be James and Marcus, so it was a race for 3rd.    I had lane 3, and my main competitors for Bronze were Don M. in 6, and David M. in 2.   I never saw David, but I made up the stagger on Don - the 60m champion, on the second turn.  We were virtually even down the stretch.  I leaned hard at the line and was fairly sure I got him.  I leaned so hard, I stumbled and went down, I really wanted it.  But, S-O-L.   I was 25.49, he was 25.47.   It was just 0.01 off my season best in the 200m, pretty good considering it was the 6th race of my weekend.

In Finish Lynx We Trust 
Not to sound like a sore loser, but I watched that video frame by frame a lot.  I can't see how he got me!   Our feet came down together after the line, and my foot was further forward.  I was leaning hard and he wasn't.

I know this is a poor camera angle, but you tell me... who looks like the winner - between lane 3 and 6?    Hmmm?  I wonder.

Anyway, it always seems like I get the wrong end of a close race, 3 freakin' times this meet!  Not to disparage my competitors, they were awesome, especially James Lawson.

I collected another Silver Medal in the 4x400m relay for GPTC.  I ran leadoff and won my leg, handed off after about a 57 sec split. Also got a Silver for the 4x200m relay yesterday, that I also led off.  I was a nice way to and the day.  I was happy to see almost all the most competitive guys race in the 4x400m relays ... Marcus, James, Ian, Winslow, Barnwell, etc... There was a 4x400 WR set in an older age group.   I ended up scoring in 5 events for GPTC.  7 pts individually and 12 in relays.

400m, 5th place: 56.48 - my second fastest indoor 400m but 0.58 off my indoor PR
60m, 5th place: 7.91 - only the 3rd 60m race I've ever run, so a PR
200m, 4th place: 25.49 - .01 off my season PR, 0.06 off my indoor PR

Ifs, ands n' buts...
400m, should've cut off Sunder at the 3rd turn, he would not have passed me and I might have taken the Bronze or at least 4th
60m, could've gone either way between me and Tony, a difference of 0.01
200m, gave it my best shot and lost by 0.02.  The agony of defeat.

It could've been 2 Bronzes and a 4th, but that's the nature of the sport... races lost by inches.

Last but not least
I was very happy to have my dad there with me.  We will remember this weekend for a long time. My dad got to experience the commuter life that I lived as a student riding the 'T' when at Berklee. Wish we had more time.

I was also happy for Maurice and Gerard ... members of the WR 4x800m M70 relay.  Gerard sat next to me on the plane.  I also chatted with many greats. Steve Robbins, M70 sprinter told me he's getting ready to retire from the sport.  Steve holds the WR in the 100m at 12.37 for M65.   Wow.

more later...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Masters Indoor Nationals '14 - Day 2

I had not raced a flat out drag race 55/60m in 2 years.   It definitely takes practice, a whole different bag than the 200/400m, or even the 100m.  (If I worked on this race, I'm sure I could improve).

I did OK.  I qualified for the finals by the skin of my teeth (7th fastest of 8) and ended up:

5th Place - 7.91

The finals were a slight improvement from my semi heat (7.94) where I got smoked, finished 4th in the fastest heat.   In the finals, I was just 0.01 from 4th.   Tony D. seems to nip me in these short races, like at Penn where he got me by 0.03, if I recall.   Tony got 4th by and was pissed since he ran faster in the semis.  We were at least a tenth or 2 behind the 'medal pack'.

I'm not used to racing, or even running on consecutive days.  I was a bit sore to start the day from yesterday's 400m, and wasn't expecting much in the 60m... but I'm glad I ran it without injury.   I ended up leading off the GPTC 4 x 200m relay team.   I think we ended up with a Silver or Bronze, but ... relay medals are meaningless to me.

I'm amazed at how tired I am, and tomorrow will be the toughest day if I can qualify for the 200m finals.  I'll be ending the day by running a 400m for the GPTC 4x400m team.   Racing 3 times in one day (even two 60s + a 200), separated by 2+ hrs, it's necessary to go through warmups 3 times, and that is tiring in itself.   Glad I'm in shape.

Saw some wonderful performances today.  M80 miler broke a 25 yr old WR, I think he ran 6:42. There were many others that I'm too tired to list now, perhaps later.  I was disappointed that Bill Collins didn't come to race Oscar Peyton, that would have been a great duel.   So far, no sign of Mike S.  Maybe he'll come tomorrow.

It'll be harder to qualify for the finals of the 200m because they only take 6.  We'll see...  hope I have enough left.

Photo from near the end of the M50 60m Final.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Masters Indoor Nationals '14 - Day 1

I did ok.   Not as well as I should have.

A season indoor best for the 400m - 56.48 
5th Place - my second fastest indoor 400m

I ended up the slow man in the fast heat with a bad lane: 2.  It ended up being 2 races in one..  the race for the Gold and the race for the Bronze.

The race for the Gold was won by James Lawson, as expected in 54.00.   He got World Champion Marcus Shute coming up the home stretch in convincing fashion, by about a half second.   The rest of us were far behind ... me, Nix, and Bynoe all within about .20 for the Bronze.   I was the loser, choked.

I was hoping I'd be in the slower heat with a better lane so I could run unhindered, but Proctor scratched, moving me into the fast heat.  All the other heats were way slow... 58+, this was the championship heat.

As shown in the first photo, my big mistake was to be 'too courteous' to Sunder Nix after the break.  I should have cut him off before the third turn since I had the inside lane, making him run outside.  I probably gave this '84 Olympic Gold Medalist a bit too much 'respect.'  Anyway, I paced pretty well,  ~ 26.25 was my first 200m split but it could have been .2 faster.

The photo shows the 2 separate races. I felt I had enough to have passed Nix on the back stretch but I held off, it cost me a few tenths.  I was surprised that I was so close with him, considering his background (running 44.75 in the '84 Olympic 400m Final). Anyway, if I hadn't had someone in front of me, I might have had a shot at a faster time.  Bynoe - an 800m guy came from behind and got us both in the end. It was very close, Nix got me by .07 and Bynoe by .23

Next up, 3 races tomorrow if I make the finals of the 60m. A little nervous about the 60m, I hope there are no injuries. I haven't run a 60m in a long time, but I did run a 100m back in Sept. I will also anchor the GPTC 4 x 200m relay. Should be a good workout.

With '84 Olympic Gold Medalist - Sunder Nix

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Running on grass

I was ejected from the beautiful USF Mondo track as I started to run my warmups, so I did a workout on a finely groomed series of soccer fields.

I put the spikes on and ran straightaways, probably 230m or so.
~300m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
5 x ~230m striders on grass

It felt ok.  I'm not feeling very ready.   Glad I got this workout in, I needed a little sweat.

Due to the visiting and unusual eating, I'm holding way too much waste and as a result ... very heavy, despite light eating.  Probably 144ish.

Catching a plane out tomorrow for Boston.  Although this will be the Masters National Indoor Championships, it's also the end of indoor and beginning of the outdoor season... a possible 7 consecutive weekends of racing.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Light speed

In FL, nice morning, upper 50s at 8am.

Did a light workout of quality sprints at or near 400m race pace.
800m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes 
2 x 200m - 26.5, 26 
150m -19 
100m - 13 
3 x 40m 
One more light day on Wed. then off to Nationals, Thurs.

All systems go for launch.  Probably a lb heavier than I need to be.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Flyin' in FL

Speed work today, all fast.  Exhausting, but good.

At The Villages, FL track.  I got the privilege of training on the forbidden HS track thanks to the HS coach who was nice enough to come let me in and stay for the entire workout.   Perfect weather, mid to upper 50s.
800m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
500m - 75 (59/16) 
200m - 26 
150m - 19.5 
5 x 50m from blocks 
I seemed exceptionally tired after the 200m, despite taking a good 12-15 in between.  Everything is working ok, so I think I'll taper down next week.  200s and starts on Mon.

A little heavier than I'd like to be.  Scale here is inaccurate but estimate about 142.5 after workout.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

tempo 300s

It's winter still... 35º when I got to the Dean Hayes track for my last cold weather workout before nationals.  It was hard and glad to get it done.  Stretches in the heated mens room again.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
5 x 300m w/ 2 min rest - 47.5, 48.5, 49, 50, 48.5
A tad faster than the temp 400s where I'm running at 17 sec 100m pace (68 sec 400m).   I tried to keep a 16 sec 100m pace for the 300s or 48.   Stayed pretty consistent but had to dig deep to get that last one in on time with 2 min rest, which seemed impossibly short by #5.  Suffered.

A little achy but ok.  All the usual stuff and a slight shin split, probably from the St. Andrews track.   Definitely at race weight.  141.6 after workout, and eating carbs.

Looking at the heats of the 400m, looks like I likely will not be in the fastest heat which means a better lane and better overall time, and less chance of interference.  The USATF rules state that lane one will not be used for multiple heats and with 15 signed up, likely 3 heats of 5 so I should get a good lane in heat 2.  Best lanes for banked tracks are outside lanes because you start by running downhill and also run downhill toward the break in the 400m and downhill toward the finish in the 200m.

I may run some relays with the Phily track club if I survive the 60m with no strains.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

tempo 400s

Cold and cloudy, about 35º at Sewanee's Coughlan track today.   Too cold to do speed work so I opted for the usual tempo endurance workout and then some.  A little tight from yesterday's resistance, but everything felt ok.  I was surprised to see a lacrosse team on the field practicing this morning.   After hearing the coach bit vehemently at the team, I realized it wasn't Sewanee's team but a visiting team from up north.  There were 2 women training on the track so thankfully, I was able to work out.

400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
4 x 400m w/ 2 min rest - 68.5, 69, 73, 79 
300m - 45
I'm going to up the resistance this week, especially on the quads and hopefully do one more hard workout Thurs. before heading to FL.  In FL my dad found me a track for a Sat and Monday workout.  It'll be warm down there so I can do quality speed work. I'm going to try to do one last light workout in Tampa on Wed 3/12 before leaving for Nationals in Boston.

Monday, March 3, 2014


At the Fowler Center in Sewanee for a resistance workout.  I was happy to see they had a Cybex rotary hip/glute machine.  I did some prehab on my upper quad, single leg step jumps with 50 lbs. 3x12, some dead lifts, abs and some upper body.

I don't understand why the Cybex glute machine only had a weight stack of 150lbs?   I added 10 lbs to it and did the stack 2 x 35.  Wish it had 200 lbs.

Tried to run a strider around the indoor 160m track but stopped after one lap with a little ankle pain.  Expect to be out on the outdoor track tomorrow and need to save my ankle for that.   It's going to be rough.  I feel like I need a wicked tempo workout, it will be too cold to do speed tomorrow, probably about freezing.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

tempo-speed on hard pan

With an approaching storm front, Sewanee was cloudy, windy and warm today, low 60sº.   I went to the University track but there was a lacrosse game going on.  So, I headed to the hard St. Andrew's track.

I usually don't workout this hard after a meet, but with Nationals coming up and bad weather tomorrow, I hit the track.

400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
500m - 83 / 2 min rest / 200m - 28.5 
400m - 64 / 2 min rest / 200m - 30 
300m - 45.5 / 2 min rest  / 200m - 32
Over a mile of sprints, it was a bitch and I probably could have done more but my ankle started hurting, due to the hard pan tartan track.

I was a little tight in the groin before the workout, and I know I'll probably be sore tomorrow.  I do need to do some prehab quad work to withstand the coming speed work I'll be doing these next few workouts.  My left quad is absolutely fine today and during the races, but today I felt a slight susceptibility in my right quad.  I wore my protective CWX compression tights to guard against strains.  They are a bit restrictive.  Can't believe I raced in these all through the '11 season.

Wow, March already.  Outdoor season is right around the corner.  Already have a slate of 4 consecutive (college) meet possibilities beginning 3/29.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Meet Report - Sewanee Indoor Invitational

It went OK.   Went out very aggressively in the 400m and paid at the end.   Not enough recovery time between races, less than an hour.  Meet ran more than a half hour ahead of schedule.  Short of goal, but not by much.  Better than last time.  The 400m was very exhausting because of the way I ran it, left very little for the 200m.  It was a good workout.  Managed to beat a few guys in both races.

400m - 57.88
200m - 26.22

Slow heat with 2 Sewanee guys.  I really wasn't very patient, I was fairly sure I could win this heat.  Went out fast but failed to stay relaxed in the end.  Was totally hellbent on leading this race from the break to the end.   But I did expend too much and was ok until the last 60m or so when I started rigging and got passed right at then end. The kid that beat me was an 18 - 19 yr  old freshman, I could be his grandfather.  The kid that finished last was a 100m guy who apparently hadn't trained for the event.  Gotta respect the sport.  He surely suffered and was left far behind.

Was too fatigued to run a good 200m, although it was about the same as last time.   I had lane one.... the worst.  I got to race Don Drummond, he smoked me by a second and a half.   I did beat one Sewanee kid in my heat and 2 overall.  Poor kid.

The best thing is that I feel completely healthy and I expect to be able to train tomorrow.  I want to start busting butt for Nationals and keep a Sun, Tues, Thurs workout schedule before I leave and on vacation, hopefully a Sat., Mon, Wed. schedule in FL.

It's tough to sprint on that 160m track... a 400m is 5 turns.  I set up a video cam before I raced on turn 1 (3, 5).

Here it is in sequence.  Turns 1, 3, 5