Monday, March 5, 2018

Volume tempo

The past 2 years, 11 days out from Nationals, I've done a volume tempo workout.  Today was kind of a nasty day in Sewanee, but I've seen much worse.  About 50º with a light rain falling and a light wind.  I did as much as I could, not as much or as fast as previous years.  Good to get it done.
Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup, stretches, drills 
600, 600, 400, 300 w/ 3 min rest - 1:53.5, 2:00, 78, 54

My plantar issue seems to be improving so my limiting factor is now my right foot, which has the arthritic issue.  I felt like resting and going back out and doing a set of 200s like I had done in previous years, but between the foot and the weather, I called it quits after 1900m of work, particularly since I may be out there the next two days before taking Thurs off.  Weather looks good tomorrow, mid 50ºs and sunny.

142.3 lbs after workout.

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