Sunday, March 4, 2018

speed 300, 200s

Amazing day in Sewanee, mid 60ºs bright sunshine, light wind.   Definitely a shirtless training day.  I was a bit nervous for this workout because I wanted to run fast, and it went ok.  The last time I ran fast before the Dunamis meet, my foot didn't do well, this time was much  better.  Also, on my off day from the track, I did a light weight workout last night and one interval set on the bike.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills  
'split 400' - 300m - 41.5 (13.5, 14, 14) / rest 60 sec / 100m - 14.8 
2 x 200m - 25.8, 26 
150m - 19.5
I wanted to do the 300m close to race pace, but I was a half second short of goal, and I didn't call this an event run since this 300m was straight-turn-straight, not from the 400m start.  Still, a decent time.

I almost don't want to jinx myself by writing this, but I feel I'm almost over the hump on this plantar fasciitis thing.  My feet fared well through this workout and I'm even contemplating testing the waters by putting the spikes on, maybe Tues.  I do need some block work and some technique.   If anything, my right foot issue (talonivicular), what took me out for a week at xmas, I'm feeling as much as the left plantar right now, but it isn't bad.

I hope to be on the track in some measure the next 3 days before I taper off for Nationals and get busy on Thurs with my concert and the beginning of Guitar Festival.  The weather is going to return to colder more seasonable levels tomorrow 40ºs Monday, 50ºs Tues, and 30ºs a cold snap on Wed.  

Ate a lot of protein last night so the weight is a bit more normal, 142.8 lbs after workout.

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