Tuesday, July 24, 2018

shake out and stretch

Went to track for a ritual warmup, but nothing much more.  Another beautiful night, low 70ºs in Sewanee at sunset. 

Hoka trainers on 
800m fast jog - 3:02 
stretches, drills, roller, eccentric ham exercises with resistance band 
bike ride

Tomorrow will be off and travel.  I won't get to my hotel until after midnight, but I won't have to leave my hotel until 11ish.  I'll go hang out at the track well before my prelim race at 3:10.  I'd like to see the M55 800m final at 1:10 since 4 of my best competitors are in this race.  Should be a good race.  I hope we do have a prelim.  If history holds consistent, there won't be a prelim due to scratches but somehow I think this yr will be different.  I think we will have a prelim, unlike LSU, it's an 8 lane track not a 9 lane.  (At world regionals last yr in Toronto, we had to run a prelim to eliminate one person, since there were 9).   Anyway, want to see my friends and do a nice long warmup.  It's nice to have a prelim to get a feel for the track and see who's in shape.  I like that there is an indoor warmup area since it will be in the 90ºs with no shade. 

Masters Rankings
Kermitt just posted a 55.9 in Masters Rankings, first M55 this yr to break 56, and another Brit a 56.2, which gives the top 3 ranked M55 400m all to the UK.  All 3 will be in Spain.  It sure would be nice to better my 56.65 time, win or lose in this race.  This bumps me to 5th, still US #1. 

140.9 after workout 

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