Saturday, July 28, 2018

Meet report USATF Masters National Outdoor Championship 2018

The meet was a bust for me.
57.43 - fourth in the 400m

Of the 4 outdoor 400s I've run this season, this was the slowest.  My slowest outdoor 400m Championship race since my first in '11.   I knew I'd probably not be ready to deliver my A game, being injured June 15 - last weekend.   But still, should have eeked out at least a bronze here, which I missed by 0.03.   But ... it wouldn't have mattered much if I did bring my A game, a new M55 star emerged that blew away everyone: David Pitts, running 54.58 in what was I think his first masters meet... the fastest M55 400m time in the world, by almost a second and a half.  I'm fairly certain this time will end up being #1 in the world at season's end.  A stunning performance.  Fastest M55 400m in the US since '14 I think.  He would have medaled or won in all other age groups.   I'd like to see what he could do in the 200m, but he didn't sign up.  Good thing he's a new M55 and won't be in my age group much longer.  

Tyrone really improved from his '15 and '16 races to grab the silver in 56.43.  

Having lane 2 in the race an able to see everyone was a luxury, but the problem was that it made me run a little too conservative.  I probably went out too slow.  I would be rigging in the end anyway, but it may have made a half second difference.  

It was pretty discouraging since I am usually more motivated by success than failure, but I have 5 weeks to train before Worlds, and good thing is that I pretty much healthy again, except for the usual foot soreness.  I just wish there were some meets I could race in in Aug.  Be good to have an intermediate goal.  Nothing in my area.  Seems like there is a masters series in Winter Park, FL in Aug.  That's about the only thing I could find.  

Anyway, the struggle is real.  I need some speed work.  I've been on the medal stand enough, it's about the journey.  Just hope to make the finals in Spain. 

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