Friday, February 9, 2018


Awesome day in Sewanee, 60º and sunny.  Warm enough to be shirtless.  I was hoping to do more today but the faster the pace, the more stress on my foot.  I ran everything fast today, but not much.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 50m striders 
200m - 26 
50m from blocks  
2 x 55m - 7  
2 x 100m - 13
I ran all sprints with a 2 step rolling start.  The foot was feeling pretty good until the hard 200m.  It actually was a hair under 26, fast for training shoes.   So, I quickly realized that running race pace or 13 sec 100m pace, is what irritates the heel the most.  That and coming out of blocks, which I did just once.  Running a 60 sec 400m, 100m splits at 14-16, is a lot less stressful on the foot.  Anyway, I was really rippin to get my 55m sprints at 7 flat 4 times in a row, with a 2 step rolling start.  (I timed the 55m split in both 100s). I rarely race a 55m but my PR is just 7.23.  I think I could run in that ballpark now and I'll find out in a week in Sewanee.  I think I have the speed and could run a decent 200m right now, but it looks as if I won't race one until Nationals.  I think I have the speed but not the speed endurance.

I really wanted to do more volume today, I almost grit my teeth and ran a fast 300m in pain at the end of the workout, but decided not to kill it.  I have tomorrow off and race Sunday morning.  I even looked into racing a 200m at the Crossplex college meet on Monday, and I think coach Ken would have let me if I made a case, but he said there were no unattached accepted but he would consider putting me in if I really needed the race.  I didn't want to make a case for it because I remember how bad my foot felt after Millrose. I'd hate to have him put me in then scratch.

I am lighter than I have been in a long while:  142.5 lbs after workout.  Definitely have my race body on.  It took a lot of effort and diet to get here.

Sunday's meet

The Dunamis Supermeet is the first indoor meet in GA that I've ever heard of.  With all the masters in Atlanta, just 30 min away, I expected more racers.  They have 2 masters divisions: under M40 and M40 and over.  So, in my heat of the M40+ 400m, there is a fast M45 guy (ran 54 last yr) and a few M70 guys and an unknown M50 guy, just 5 of us.  Being second seed, I have a good lane: 6.  So, I'll start blind and try to beat the fast guy to the break.  It looks like a real nice track, a banked 200m, I think it's Mondo.  This was assembled at a convention center specifically for this 5 day meet for all ages.   I hope this becomes a tradition.  Nice to have indoor track in Atlanta.

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